SRB2 2.0.X Bug Reports (Pre-2.0.5)

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Shadow Hog

You know the drill.

If you are getting an error message, write down exactly what it says. Otherwise our crack team of coders will not be able to find it and where it's coming from. Also, if the game SIGSEGVs, not only tell us what you were doing, but check the bottom listing of errorlog.txt and post the 8-digit value after "EIP"; this is invaluable for fixing such errors.

Here is an example of where you will see the EIP which Sonict has bolded for you (thanks, Sonict!):

Example Crash said:
EAX=00001fb4 CS=001b EIP=1002d121 EFLGS=00210206
EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0012fe50 EBP=005ca1b0
ECX=10047aa0 DS=0023 ESI=05fb5418 FS=003b
EDX=00001000 ES=0023 EDI=004453c0 GS=0000

Bolded reports mean that the bug has been fixed.

If your bug report was deleted, that means it should be FIXED in the newest available EXE. Go and check the updater, to see if there's a new EXE available - and moreover, that the bug is fixed.

A note from Jazz:

Like in the suggestions topic, I will be going through and culling invalid bug reports and spam posts. If your post was deleted, it was probably for good reason. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Also, keep in mind that with each release EIPs from the previous release are no longer valid. Be sure that the EIPs you find from errorlog.txt are from the most recent version of SRB2.


Moderator Notice:
Note from Spazzo: If you're posting screenshots of an error in a SP stage, it would greatly help if you enabled DEVMODE before taking the screenshot, so that we have the exact coordinates of your location. Thanks!
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Buggy Rastar water

The raster effect used when underwater will completely black out when camera gets squished by a crushing block/sector (ie: in DSZ act 2 while running through the area of nothing but crushing blocks). This causes everything but the hud to black out and the player will most likely die from not being able to see his position.


The Daily Browser
-ERZ3 the camera angle gets lower whenever you hit the boss a certain amount of times sometimes though it changes back to normal when you die then does the same thing again.


That guy who does things
-The moving metal platforms in AC1 appear to render inside out on occasion.
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No way to find me
When returning to Windows:
- All WinXP notification icons turn into 98ish ones.
- Some other aplication notification icons turn black.
- Others keep like before.
- I see a notification of color depth.

Yes, I know it is an issue with SRB2 color depth, but how to correct it?

Another question... can I use SRB2 Launcher and WADS with 2.0? If not all WADs are available, tell me which WADs can I use.

Marc Sances Software(Yeep!)

Prime 2.0

Time advances by one second for each object placed in objectplace, exiting objectplace mode spawns a green sonic, FOF crushers do not pull knuckles up and down when clinging to the wall of the FOF, and floating FOFs on lava can push you below the surface, where it acts like normal liquid.

Stuff pertaining to ERZ2:
[spoiler:2a6bee9493]not sure how this happened, but it did.
Crawla commander/spikey thing ambush near the beginning of ERZ2 can be skipped(just jump over the trigger area), somehow was able to pass through cage lasers after triggering the ambush(haven't been able to reproduce)[/spoiler:2a6bee9493]


The miniboss in ERZ2 (the one that was copied from Flying Battery, in case there are others I don't know about) will occasionally continue to move even after he starts firing.

At the same miniboss, if you try and jump over the doors as they open after the miniboss is done, you'll die. >_>
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Here´s my list:

I have gotten stucked with Tails many times on Special Stages. Somehow, I touch a wall while running, and then the character seems to be inside the wall. You see it outside, but you can only move touching the wall. If you run a lot in many ways you can get out through.

Lag issues in CEZ2. I think it has something to do with some kind of variable or memory filling, because it gets worst over time. For example, if I arrive to the end of the stage in 4 minutes, the room doesn´t lag that much. If I stay there doing things, it gets worse and worse. Around 12-15 minutes it gets unplayable. So I don´t know what is it, but it lags more over time.

There´s a tube on ERZ1 (left path, don´t remember the exact one), where Knuckles get stuck in the middle of it, and you have to climb searching the way where the tube should have moved you to. I´ll tell exactly which one if I get again there.

I don´t remember any more issues, I´ll post them as I find them. By the way... Is it the last room in ERZ1 meant to be like that??? I´ve lost many lives trying to get through.


I was in coop in ERZ2, and I took the path on the right at the beginning to get normal gravity back, and then I hit the grvaity switch, but then I fell down. So then I respawn, and I go back to the gravity switch, and it doens't work. I go to try the one on the left, and I sigsev before I even get there. The entire server didn't crash though. However, a bit later, it did, though I'm guessing that's unrelated.


a scar in time...

Not sure if this one is a bug...but I could see the monitor under the ground.


Cyan Ryan

Netcode Nancy
On ERZ3:
"BlackEggman unable to find waypoint #-1!"


This bug occurs with anyone with long names. SRB2's resolution here is 960x600 which is aspect-correct.
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That guy who does things



-The zoom tubes on both sides of Twisted Terminal will force you through the sides of the tube


-When playing in a CTF server under some lag, you sometimes get "Teleported" to a team spawn for no reason whatsoever with all your rings, emeralds, flag(s), etc. intact. There isn't the accompanying flash and sound of the teleport monitor when this bug happens, so it isn't the teleport monitor.


A.In a certain level (ECZ1?) there is a water current pushing you back. And if you run into it and push back, you'll be in your sliding frames and you can move.

Pictures coming soon!


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Tut tut, map details wrong. *shot*

In GFZ2, there is a piece of grass floating in mid-air on an FOF next to the row of springs. I just want to point that out, the little things count. =D

Cyan Ryan

Netcode Nancy

There is a Chaos Emerald that spawns in a wall in Silver Cascade Zone.

Broken upside-down monitors float.

In CEZ2, the part with the swinging chain and current just before the can get stuck randomly in the water. I drowned multiple times because of this.
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Cyan Ryan

Netcode Nancy
Not sure if this is a bug, but after the first check (upper route) in DSZ1...


They don't look like they should be there. :P
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