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Spleenik V2


Redxvi robo blast 1
Spleenik v2!!
ok so this is spleenik but v2'd. im trying to make him so much more uhhhh cooler!!
yes yes yes much cooler because spleenik D HEGHG is going to be cooler now i swear. when its done i guess lul

might put him in kart or smth. WHEN HE'S DONE :D
Yay! new spleenik v2 content- i must really say this spin-ball sprite and animation fit him well incredibly well, funny enough this looks like an actual hedgehog's curled form- like I'm actually impressed on surprisingly close this is to the actual animal (the little quill rifts sell for me)

Once again thank you for your incredibly polished and perfect work, Hope to see more soon!
Bro I just got knew glasses, did spleenik always look like that
Also, for the purposes for V2, spleenik looks like this- more srb2 styled formed- some may call it a "sophisticated" art style- rather then the based, goofy one we have normally (I love both styles!), that being said both styles seem to be used concurrently as in- this isn't replacing the one we know- just riding along side it- if you want more info- you can always ask Dash yourself?

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