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Sonki The Hedgehawg v1.8.2 - ok im like done lmao ive had enough


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Bandder updated Sonki The Hedgehawg with a new update entry:

"Final" Update

this will be the last update for a while.

list of changes:
-pizza tower turn has been reimpliemnted by Luigi Budd! while emmitting afterimages, you can let go of the movement keys to turn in place, allowing you to preserve your dashmode on tight turns!
-most of sonki's thinkers have been combined into one big hook, hopefully reducing a decent chunk of lag
-afterimages are red and green now lol and they will stay that way

any updates made after this will be bugfixes and lag fixes

Read the rest of this update entry...
insert a moving truck image here

(if you say "workshop" i will uppercut your closest loved one)
hi i have a mod archive now, not gonna be posting here anymore


this community has too much drama for its own good, and i also have something else to work on that i feel is more deserving of my time and efforts. what that thing is, uh idk go snooping around ig, but uh yeah thats what i have to say so uh yeah thanks for the ride ya'll. i hope things get better i guess. they probably won't but there's nothing wrong with hoping right
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