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(Before-all, I speak French. It is hard to speak.)

Hello and good evening everyone!

My first wad is Boogie Palace. It was really the old days, no gadgets .Just sectors and holes ...
My last wad, was Dangerous Volcano, which I posted the contest. There were more gadgets, but the level design was very bad.
I received letters saying that the level was too hard. Some liked him anyway. I think I lost the contest in advance. I have another level for the next contest.

But that's probably finished with the wad that I will discuss below! It's a whole game with over 10 zone !

But before presenting my game. I have some people to thank ...

==> Sonic X8000 : A very good creator of sprites and gfx : In fact he gave me permission to use data from his wad "Graphic X8000".
This wad contains beautiful new images. The "Sonic" from the main screen, the letters of the names of levels, the figures .. much more beautiful!
However, some sprites, I liked a little less. I use 80% of his sprites of his wad, 20% were inappropriate too.

==> Chaos Zero 64 : He created the character Metal Sonic. This is more or less than the speed of Sonic, has the same capacity (the "Thok"), and mechanical noise when he jumps.
However, the characters bug. You can save a game with and use in my game as a playable character ... but his sprites are confused. It may be placed in the game, but once completed. I'll deal with Metal S. more later.

==> Blade : He created the character Cream The Rabbit.
However, it has not yet responded to the authorization of Cream in my game.
Hoping that I could complete these lines.

==> Morph: It creates the boss "Twisted Mobile".
A nice little boss. Original.
But there is also a problem to integrate it into the game I should therefore also take care of changes as Boss / characters at the end.

==> Kim The Fox ! : Helped me make my speech. I am French, my English is not 100% English and may contain errors. Thus, the cinematics, level names and any text that the player can understand has been reformulated by Kimmy. Thanks !

==> Small message for Fawfulfan : I try to inspire your level design. It is therefore subject to a small line in the MAINCFG.

And now ... The presentation of the game!



Version 1.1 (Beta) first version of T. Line. Contains some new graphics, some new music and an act of Azure Lake finished.


==> Azure Lake (Easy) : Act 1 completed !
Like any good Sonic game in general, Azure Lake is a forest-meadow level.
The peaceful landscape is in fact an attractive area friendly, while remaining in a game mode very easy.
However, this area does not look like Green Hill. It is a style of real life. More in the style of real meadow. We leave the old grid orange / brown.
Of little surprises you can appear on the trees and the source of the waterfalls ...

==> Ruins Zone (Easy) : - Incomplete Zone -
I have my ideas for this zone but I have not yet begun, so the description will not be 100% correct.
After crossing the meadow, Sonic and his friends continue their road to a field of ruins style Marble Zone (Sonic 1). A little fire , but nothing fancy. There will be small temples from time to time!

==> Underground Toxic (Easy) : - Incomplete Zone -
I have my ideas for this zone but I have not yet begun, so the description will not be 100% correct.
Sonic and his friends find a passage to the sewers which may perhaps lead to urban society.
There are a lot of waste, and some passages thin. There will be a lot of spikes. Be careful where you walk !

==> Thunder Lab (Medium) : - Incomplete Zone -
I have my ideas for this zone but I have not yet begun, so the description will not be 100% correct.
On leaving the sewers, Sonic and his friends find themselves in a factory that works. There are electric currents, so be careful not to get electrocuted !

==> Speed Sky
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Desert Of Horus
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Dangerous Volcano
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Freeze Mountain
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Ice Coast
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Crystal Cave
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Water Palace
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Marine Surf
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Blood City
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Darkness Metropolis
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Delta Egg
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Station Nitro
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Egg Force
- Incomplete Zone -

==> Final
- Incomplete Zone -


Main link, direct link :

Version 1.1 (Current):
The wad containing the music works.
The game has the credits at the end of the first zone, as the following zoness are not commenced.
Otherwise, the levels have not changed, not advanced, sorry. I will restart a contest for hope win, before continue Temporal Line.

The levels :
The musics (
strongly recommended to add in addition to the above wad
) :

-------------- Enjoy ! ----------------

Sonic Temporal Line's future : Right now, it just a simple mod, really uncompleted. It's even a dead mod. But I want to make that level pack, the best modification which ever existed. I'm, for the moment, training my level design skills, and pulling it to its limit. This will take time, maybe..years ? But the day I'll have the time to work on this pack, when my level design skills will be very good, I'll come back to this mod, and everything will be deleted : I'll restart it to 0%. I'll remake Azure Lake and everything you can see (sprites, pictures..everything) in the wad right now. The next time you'll hear of T.L, its name will be probably slighly changed, and all the levels will be done. But this will take ..a really, really long time. Please forget this pack.


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I have to wonder why you have so many placeholder levels in your level pack. You should only have levels that you actually have completed in your pack.

I also would suggest that you put the music pack separate from your levels so that you can upload your level pack using our attachment system.

Other then that, this pack works rather well. I haven't got the chance to play it thoroughly though.
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Graphic & Sprite Modder.
Internet Explorer said:
Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard or Very Hard.

Er... how is this going to work if v2.0.x has only one Difficulty Mode? Unless it's meant for the Zones that you play. (Zone 1 being easy, while the Last Zone being Very Hard.)


The Tortured Planet guy
Umm...the link to the music WAD doesn't work. The download gives me a WAD that has zero lumps in it. And judging from the screenshot of the title, your logo misspells the name of your level pack.

Anyway, I'm going to try this pack out. I'll update this when I've taken a look.

First, I agree with Torgo. The little "NOT FINISHED" rooms get really old. You could have just included the headers for the levels, but not actually done anything with them.

Second, I thought Green Lake Zone was pretty good (did you get any inspiration from my levels, by the way?) but there are a few issues with it. First, there really wasn't any action. It was all running and jumping, with no leadup to anything. Even GFZ had enough variation to keep it interesting. The textures are okay but are kind of monotonous the way you used them.

Third, I really don't like those trees. They're too symmetrical, and the tiny little piece of trunk that sticks out over the top of the canopy is just weird. Make the canopy extend above the trunk a little, and add roots and things to make it visually pleasing.

Fourth, your colormaps are way too dark. A good value for water is #40A0FFJ. I swear by it.

Fifth, your arrows really aren't necessary. Arrows should only be used when the correct route would otherwise be seriously confusing. I could have worked out where to go without them.

But, all that aside, your pack has potential. Focus on getting all the levels done, then go back and improve them later. That's not a typical way of doing things in this community, but I do it and it works pretty well for me, provided I actually have the follow-through to improve them later.
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Firstly, the music wadfile had no MUSIC, please fix that.

Secondly, the first level looks beautiful, I don't know what tint you added but it looks brilliant it makes the level look so much more beautiful, it would be nice if the level ended upon hitting the big spring button rather than just entering the sector (that's just me).

One idea is that you could have rings on the floor with points, like a target in archery but landing on the score fields adds to your score. E.g. Landing in the middle adds 1000pts and landing on an outer ring adds 100pts, (hard to understand the concept).

Basically; Add music to the file and try to have a more open area in parts of the level.


I have not seen you before! I want to say welcome, except I know you've been here for a time already. Welcome anyway.

I use many big words, so I will try to use smaller words here for you. I am sorry for the big words that are here anyway.

It is better if you remove the text before the level. You do not speak English well. Your bad English distracts me from the level. Good level design goes beyond language, so you don't have to use any words.

Also, I will learn what is in the level when I play it. You do not need to tell me what is in the level before I play it.

The not finished levels also distract me. I always hope that after each empty level there will be a finished level after it. I went through many, many of the empty levels hoping to find another level to play. I was sad when I didn't find one.

I like your style. As you make more maps, you will learn new things. These new things will make your map better and fresher. You can also learn things by playing other people's maps with your eyes open for things you can use in your own levels.

Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
Good. I like time travels. Applause. Is it like Sonic CD? I want a mod where there are time travels. If it has not, thumbs down.

Internet Explorer

To Kim : This is not like Sonic CD. Just the sky changes according to the act, to outdoor levels.
But here, you just give me an idea.
For now I am busy creating a level of contest, but perhaps I will put teleporters in the zones, which would change the sky, music, and textures of the level. But not the platforms of levels, just the colors ... Yeah ! I'll put your printing in my zone when I have time ! Thank you. It will be a new gameplay SRB2 !

(Remark, the early 3 acts, the colors will be morning, and they can be changed during the level.)

This game mode will be available as soon as I win the contest! : D
What about timeline altering? You can use teleporters to change the time, and there would be different thing you could do at one time that you can't do at another time, such as destroy a wall in the morning and having that same wall destroyed at night.


What about timeline altering? You can use teleporters to change the time, and there would be different thing you could do at one time that you can't do at another time, such as destroy a wall in the morning and having that same wall destroyed at night.

That could be fairly hard could it not?

1. You would either have to have 3 different sectors with the whole level.


2. You would have to have a sector change when some parts are destroyed or the teleport button is hit.

Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
That's what I want to suppose. And IE: You're welcome. No bad for a brazillian, isn't it? And I think so:
When Sonic/Tails/Knux is in his maximum speed, it automatically changes the sky, environment, bababa, etc. When passing through the Past/Future post. That would be cool. But the stornges idea I have is SRB2: Sonic 3 & Knuckles! Woohoo!!!!


Looks pretty nice, the day-night gimmick sounds nice.

OMFG I had the same idea to make a Marine surf zone with the same music.
Stop stealing from my mind.

Internet Explorer

At WhiteHeroAlex : I say that I will use the teleporters. They enable users to navigate between morning, noon and evening (past-present-future would be a little too hard.)
The morning will be white, afternoon brown, evening dark blue, etc..
But as I said above, I will not change the level, I'm sorry. Only the colors that are textured walls and floors, and the sky. But you'll see : just "this", will bring the level ... a little different ? It will avoid to stay all the time to run and jump in the same universe.

At daiches99 (first post): Thank you for responding to WhiteHeroAlex. I made it clear that I changing the colors of the levels, the appearance. But not the platforms.

At daiches99 (second message) : The music is already fixed, normally. I just download it : all the music files are on.

At Kim the Fox !!! : I can not change the level when S / T / K run at his max (and I can not put into full level a video with Sonic and stars that fall on a background of pailettes.) No. This is not an option in SRB2, unless the code is changed (this is extremely difficult ...)
But what idea of S3 & K are you talking about?
If you have ideas, you can tell me.

At calebmana : I'm sorry.
But if you use exactly the same music, you know levels in this game.
And if you see what I mean, Marine surf look like at the 85% level "Jet Stingray" from which it came. Guess how I'll make the Jet ... (Courant.)

At Fawfulfan (I've forgotten, sorry.): The music is set. The lumps are in music file.
The rooms "no finish" in finite Temporal Line are set, but they can be accessed via the SRB2 Doom Builder editor. So, it's as if there were not there, via SRB2NET or SRB2WIN Main Title.
Then, yes, I like your level design ... I find it not boring, well made ... but I don't know do exactly like you.
I agree, GLZ1 is not too hard, jump / run as you say. However this is a first zone. I will not put large holes and bad machines that crush and inappropriate at the environment. Perhaps I will modify some things in the Green Lake area after the 3 act is completed. About the textures, I find my floor good. But the walls, I understand you ...
Trees : well, I would vary perhaps after the end of the zone.
I will test your hexadecimal value of the water and see if it is better than mine.
Arrows: I agree, this is not very useful . I would remove the red arrows on white background, but the arrows drawn on the ground, I leave. They decorate.

And in conclusion ... well, I said: I would amend the problems which you have quoted above the area once completed.

But generally: the game will wait as I'll finish on the level of competition!
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Kim the Fox!!!

What am I doing here?
The Fox Kim... Funny. Hey, the idea of S3&K is a SRB2 changed to S3&K. Angel Island, Mushroom Hill, all the story, you know what I'm talking about. I hope that you understand me.

Internet Explorer

Yes, I see what areas you speak.
However, already for the moment I can not do the "CD mode" in my game (v.1.2) because I work for the contest.

And about your answer, I can not change zones ... I can already see the scenery, what they will look like, etc..
There is no connection with S3 & K.
All my zones are already planned, sorry.

PS: Forgive me for having written The Fox Kim. This has been edited and replaced properly.
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Also known as Teravolt now
Wait, are you sure the link you're giving's for version 1.1? When I download it, it says 1.0...

Internet Explorer

Maybe the file is called version 1.0, but it has levels and the rest of version 1.1, do not worry.
The filename of the next version will be 1.2 .

Spirit, the music is heavy veeeeeery, they exceed the weight limit attachment accepted. I'll try to put an attachment, but here I am in the programming on 1.2, it will wait this version for attachments, sorry. Must be satisfied by the Sendspace link for the moment.
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