[Reusable] Sonic Palette Blast 64 - A Showcase & Resource Pack! [Palette]

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After making my GameBoy palette, I found myself messing with palettes a lot more. I was planning of releasing them all in one big Zip to use as a resource pack of different palettes. But then I started messing with palettes more, and then decided to make a palette for every level in Single Player!


Sonic Palette Blast 64 is both a zip of palette resources, and a showcase wad of them all! There's quite a lot of them, but each level tells you which palette it's using, so its easy to look up something if you want it. Even if you aren't using the palettes for a specific project, you can still load it up and play the whole game with it, or even use them with other mods!


So whether you want a different look for your maps or want to see how others change with different colors, give it a go! You're bound to find something ya' like!

The full set contains:

  • Sonic Palette Blast 64 - This is the showcase wad. The maps themselves are unchanged, and admittingly, not every palette is a winner, but this is an easy way to see them all! All the Single Player stages (Greenflower to Egg Rock) and Special Stages are palette swapped!
  • Pal-Per-Wad Package - Contains every palette as an individual wad for each one! Use them as you please, no permission required! May also contain one or more extra palettes that go unused or replaced later on.
  • New New Monitors - Since the palettes are gonna mess with the shield monitors, the 2.1 monitors are packed into this wad for you! They don't require color to figure out what they are! Shields remain unchanged however, so you have to remember those, sadly. This wad isn't necessary, but highly recommended.
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  • SPRB64-SpRelease-v1.zip
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Well this is certainly something new and interesting. I can't remember seeing any wads that took full advantage of the editadable colour palette before, so with any luck aspiring level makers will have some use for these.

I know at the very least I got a few ideas from playing around with these palettes.

Some palettes are clearly better than others, but even the worst work nicely as a demonstration so I'm okay with that.

And sorry this has been sat in releases for 3 days untouched, I've been busy lately and haven't read the forums properly for a few weeks. REGARDLESS, welcome to releases~

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I'm glad to finally see this on the MB now. By the way, is it possible to add more colors to the SRB2 palette or no?

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...no, it's not possible to add more colors the way SRB2's palette works. You can replace any of the 256 colors within the palette already, but you can't add any more to it.
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