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chreas updated Sonic Kart VR Mod with a new update entry:

Sonic Kart VR Mod v1.0.4 Update

v1.0.4 notes:
- New VR menu setting "Track Intros". This lets you either turn off the intro transition, remove the rotation, or leave it as is while in VR mode. Gentle rotation-free mode is the default setting.
- fixed an issue where the FOV cone would rotate the wrong direction when looking around during encore mode.
- opengl render loop can now push steamVR errors to the console and log
- merged latest changes from moe mansion (srb2kart web launch protocol)


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Ye ol' bugger
It seems that the source code in GitLab repository's Releases page is v1.04 of vanilla SRB2 Kart and not of VR's v1.04 (forked from Moe Mansion). While trying to run my compiled binary, it complains about not correct "patch.kart" (I use assets from v1.3 SRB2 Kart installer):

File is corrupt or has been modified: [path to patch.kart] (found md5: f7b68076f8abc54e1a78963d97f69ab2, wanted: b5f48e1abccfa47a5745199182e2fef4)

If I turn off MD5 hash file checksum in compilation with NOMD5=1 and then run game, I get old vanilla SRB2 Kart version. Because of GPLv2 license, please provide your modified source code VR version of SRB2 Kart Moe Mansion, I can't find it in repository.
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