[SP Level] Sonic Dumbventure Volume 1 - Donkey Kracken's Disasterous Quest[sic] - Ver 1.64

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In celebration of the complete coincidence of Donkey Kong 64 coming out on the US eShop today, ITS FINALLY HERE, TO ENTERTAIN YOU

So I'm just gonna copypaste stuff from the original topic. Okay? Okay.

As Sonic the Hedgehog with Hemorrhoids, he is sent in a journey to do... something or other. I dunno, some guy says a thing and Sonic goes somewhere else and that's about all I can say without spoiling much. Let's just say this wad lives up to its name.

You arn't the normal SRB2 Sonic though; You're THE DREADED GREEN EYED ONE, and thus, are armed with the HORIFFIC ATTACK OF HOMING, and must use that to make your way through the path laid ahead of you. You are also slower than your older self due to the literal pain in your ass (probably), and also can't spindash to maximum speed.

But hey, you might as well take this slower speed as an excuse to smell the flowers, which are oddly generous this time out! There's tons of rings and powerups to find, all using sprites made by Blade (which shall appear in 2.1), and even the Fire Flower, with new sprites crafted by Iceman404, and slightly buffed. With more emphasis on flinging yourself to places for all sorts of goodies and secrets, as well as actually being a level that relies on a SPECIFIC character included to play, it makes for quite the adventure, however dumb.

Sonic Dumbventure's first volume finally makes its debut on the MB, Proudly holding the title of the greatest thing ever released in the Official Level Design Contests' Single Player division, with an amazing average score of 9.58, despite mostly being made up of several incomplete scrap levels I never released! Literally the best: Dumbventure. Yeah, Literally THE BEST. Okay, I'm probably wrong about it being THE BEST, but how many opportunities do YOU get to say that about something you made? None? EXACTLY.

"Now that's-a crockload-a SHIT if I ever herd one!", I hear you utter. "There's no WAY you could-a got'n such prestigue! You musta' used sum kinda eeeeeevil wizurd majik to get such a score! BLUDDY WIZZERD!" Well, while you can't seem to choose an accent and are probably out of character, A quick skim here will clearly show you the way! "I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT IN WHAT I ONCE THOUGHT WAS DARKNESS!", you state, "I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I COULD HAVE EVER DOUBTED YOU, OH LORD AND SAVIOR, D00D64!" Oh but I am a humble man that does not deserve such praise, I shall take it anyway!

Released here for the sake of letting people know this actually exists, since the wiki no longer has a leaderboard (which Blade never reached the top of, bugging him immensely, which I will commence mocking him for now: HA HA HA, YOU DIDN'T REACH THE TOP, AND I OF ALL PEOPLE DID, HA HA HA *HOBOLURGARTH*), now you too can finally know this is an awesome thing you should have played a long time ago! However, since this is the original release, this release is blemished by a few issues that I have yet to resolve and are too lazy to do so ("ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING [tm]). I also haven't prepared any extras of any sort yet either. However, if I make an updated release, it will be within here.

I'd describe SoDum, but I'd rather not spoil it for the Dumbvirgins. I also didn't upload screenshots for the other chunks of the level for the same reason. However, I made some commentary in the voting topic this was in. If you want to see it without going there, here it is!

Well, despite the fact that, at any given moment, something is wrong (hence "ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING [tm]"), I can say...

I'm proud of this wad. It’s a bit of everything I could hope for. It allowed me to use concepts that'd never see the light of day otherwise. It taught me many things in both mapmaking and soccing. I was able to do things I never thought were even possible in SRB2. I've son several things that have never been done in SRB2 at all, for that matter. As I worked, I made refinements constantly. A tweak here, a tweak there... it all built up. I went from a small concept room about two months ago, and turned it into something SRB2 never had before. And regardless of what I score in the OLDC, I will still proud of what I've done, as I am now. A wad about a blue hedgehog going to beat the shit out of a gorilla-headed sea monster.

Anyways, the level is divided into SubZones. These arn't mentioned in game (they were but they have been removed), but I will list theme here to help you guys out when reviewing specific locations.

  • Subzone 1: The front Door (First checkpoint)
  • Subzone 2: Dark Vat Temple (Check 2)
  • Subzone 3: Valkyrie Cliff (Check 3)
  • Subzone 4: Thunder Fortress (Check 4)
  • Subzone 5: Corrupted Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy teleport)
  • Subzone 6: Cosmic Casino Zone (Check 5)
  • Subzone 7: Leaf Forest Zone (Check 6)
  • Subzone 8: Big Ape City Factory (Check 7)

Also, some of these areas and should seem familiar...

Valkyrie Peak is actually that one level I teased months ago. I asked about a name but never picked one. Cosmic Casino Zone is the remains of Sonic Pallete, my 2D level that had the 8-bit graphics and the walljumping Sonic. Leaf Forest is the remains of a ZDoom mod I made called SAUZA (Sonic AIDS: Up Z Ass), a mod based of this awful and awfully offensive comic I made.

As for the main villan... Well, some of you may know him. I thought of him on some random thought and he kinda stuck in my mind, waiting for his chance. He's the main mascot of SoniMoc, a series of videos I worked on. He also made a cameo in Chaos Domain by KOTE.

If there's one thing I wanted to emphasize in this mod, its hunting for secrets. There are tons of monitors hidden around, including a Fire Flower monitor! Scout around, you wont go unrewarded!

I have scattered the 7 Chaos Emeralds across the map. One is in each subzone, except the 8th and the 4th. One subzone has two emmys instead. I can't seem to get the saving to work, but getting them all will reveal a powerup you can at least use for the final battle. If you need help finding them, here are the locations...

  • Green: The Front Door - From the red block, go left. You'll be able to get to the top of the cliff via a spring.
  • Orange: Dark Vat Temple - from the first path of rings in the cave, go left, and climb to where there is a lone monitor on a ledge (the Fire Flower). Walk behind the pillar for the emmy.
  • Gold: Valkyrie Cliff - From the whirlwind shield, go to the distant cliff via the trees (to the right of the main path), and you will find it under a connected duo of trees.
  • Blue: Valkyrie Cliff - From the whirlwind shield, go back up to where the lavender temple with the checkpoint on it is, and go atop one of its pillars. From there, whirlwind shield onto a nearby cliff. Scout around for springs, and you'll make it to the top of the cliff, where the emerald is waiting.
  • Silver: Corrupted Donkey Kong Land - Right above the enterence. Bounce off the trees to reach it.
  • Lavender: Cosmic Casino - Above the first barrel. Make your way atop the building via the main path to reach it. Look out below!
  • Red: Leaf Forest Zone - From the first visable 10 ring box, just go straight for the checkered wall to the right. You'll land on it, from which you can go right to find the Red emerald floating above a 10 ring box.

There are also a few easter eggs to find. You probably wont ever find out some of these on your own, so...

  • At the start of the map, push escape before the timer hits 5. Then, wait about 25 seconds. a hidden song will play. This was based off a request.
  • Noclip in the starting area and head right. You'll head into the devroom, allowing you to teleport anywhere, including two cut areas...
  • Push UglyKnux off his invisible platform. You know, if you havent done so already, if you're a dick.
  • This is useless, but in cutscenes, you can spin Sonic around and shoot fireballs if you have the Fire Flower. Perhaps this will come into play in Volume 2?
  • Play in coop/splitscreen/match/ctf/race, and you may get a rather interesting surprise...
  • "runsoc BOSSHOG". Just do it. I dare you.

Yeah, I know I dumped a lot on you guys, but I just HAD to elaborate on this. This is my most extensive project yet, doing several of new things SRB2 has never seen before! But I also like to give some special thanks to my friends on #srb2fun, especially Monster Iestyn for his help on SOCs and making the UglyKnux statue, SpiritCrusher for pointing out flaws in my map and the baws, and Prime 2 for constantly finding things wrong/to do (ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING[tm]) as well as help with some SOCs and level mechanics. Not that they're the only people that helped, mind you! I may have been stubborn at times or on the virge of giving up, but I dunno if Dumbventure would be good at all without help from #'fun!

As you can see, very inportant to me, so I hope it does well!

Now, with that out of the way, let's talk about the new stuff!

  • Actually works in 2.1. Yeah, I know!
  • New cutscene sysem! Use Jump to progress though text, and hold Spin to fast forward.
  • Cutscenes can be disabled at the start.
  • Record Attack! There's no rewards (yet), but there's still emblems to get!
  • Emblems stay saved to the file now!

You can all thank RedEnchilada for like, 98% of the work that went into porting it, including the cutscene system, so blame him!


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So before this is put out to the wild, I'd like to take this opportunity to abuse my Submissions-browsing privilege to explain why this port happened, since it was mostly my work. Apologies if this sounds sappy; I usually try to counteract that with bad attempts at humor, but that'd feel patronizing when talking about someone else's mod.

When Dumbventure was released to the OLDC way back when, it was basically the definitive 2.0 mod, and it remained so throughout all of that version's lifespan. It was a mod that shaped the canvas of SRB2 into its own unique product, with a whole new twist on gameplay that nothing else before it (or after, at least until 2.1 and its bevy of Lua-powered TC mods came out) could really compare to. And people really liked it, as D00D will badger into your head repeatedly. Regardless of your opinion on the final product, it was definitely unique not only in gameplay twists, but also in its story and humor.

Something like that deserves a proper port to 2.1. Now that the game embraces radical modifications, the level that pioneered the concept in the eyes of a good portion of the community needed to be brought up-to-date to be... well, pretty much what it was always meant to be. The additions are simple, and don't really affect the gameplay, but they don't need to. The original was already unique enough. The biggest change in this port is the cutscene system, which was really only designed to get around the original implementation's issue of constant dialog desyncs, but also happens to give a bunch of extra little conveniences along with it. It's still pretty much the same thing you played before, just with an extra layer of polish added that really wasn't possible in 2.0.

So yeah. If you haven't played it before, now's the perfect opportunity to do so. If you have, why not give it another shot? I can strongly recommend it.

It'd be cheating for me to move a port that I had a huge hand in to Releases, so I'll wait for someone else to do that.


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Never played it before, probably won't again unless the netcode stops being so awful and I get to experience this with friends, but that was a very fun two and a half hours. Got six out of seven chaos emeralds on my first playthrough, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thanks D00D and Red! <3


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So, I saw this and decided to play through it again. Did a loooot better than the last time I played it.

Found 5/7 of the emeralds, and I must say that playing it now when I'm actually somewhat decent at the game is so much more fun. I recalled a few dumb "cheap" shots from levels such as pits that you can't avoid unless you're like, super careful (Not too fond of 2D asdf) and a few random items that kill you (That first barrel in the "Casino Night" stage was a dick, it literally cost me 300 rings, a wind shield, a fireflower AND a life because it's hitbox is a lot bigger than it looks apparently)

Either way though, I found this to be a solid mod. Despite the fact it was a huge joke in so many cases (especially the story) I really enjoyed playing it. The levels were definitely well designed, enemies were well placed and customised (I really liked the turret on the jumping fish to be honest) and the difficulty curve was well done and not too sudden. Either way, the homing attack was used to a really good extent and provided gimmicks that involved using somewhat skill to actually reach rewards.

The boss fight was definitely interesting, and was easy to figure out, and felt actually rewarding when you started to actually work out how to hit it. The entire barrel throwing gimmick is pretty cool, and using the items in the way you do to your advantage is well thought out if you ask me and presents a really fun boss without being TOO tedious from gimmicks and invincibility states.

I applaud you, well done.

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I remember having a lot of fun with this mod back in 2.0, and it's still as good. The level design still stands out. Thanks for porting it to 2.1.


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You fabulous hobosexual, you have no idea how much I missed this game, and it's so much more polished this time too!

Certainly felt good to see this being brought back, as this masterpiece belongs to a museum. Got all seven emeralds on the first playthrough, because I still remember the locations since last time, so I get super dancing shoes all I want, hohoh. I'm going to try getting the emblems for it in a bit (yes, even if there isn't any point in doing so), because my love for this mod is real. <3



Thanks for bringing this awesome experience back to 2.1. I had a lot of fun with this level pack. It's amazing that such randomness in this plot can actually be enjoyable. The levels were well-designed too. Pretty intuitive and good-looking. I did cheat in order to find the emeralds for the first time (yeah I admit it, have a problem with that?), but since my unreliable mind forgot (almost) everything about it, let's see how I fare without them.

The final boss battle was also pretty fun. I didn't figure the mechanics that require you to toss a barrel at it. Then you might ask: "How did I win?". Answer is: I don't know. I died by falling in the toxic waste and the boss' death scene played for some reason (might have tossed a barrel at him during my fall).

Anyway, glad you blessed us with this (un)holy gift.


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I haven't played this yet in 2.1, but if the ending is still what it used to be... I might have to note: the ending is the first and still the only thing so far on the internet that has made me tear up from laughing so hard.


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This was one of my favorite levels from the 2.0 days (I played through it at least five times when it came out), and it still holds up really well, especially with the addition of the new cutscene system. The visuals are creative and look great, enemy placement isn't annoying, and the story is delightfully silly. The music fits perfectly with all the areas and cutscenes and boy do I love me some Adabat Night.

The final boss (nice new intro btw) is still one of the most creative and silly custom bosses i've seen yet. The TNT barrels can be a pain in the ass, but other than that the difficultly is just right. I forgot about the whirlwind ponies... but I'll let them slide just once because this boss is so good.

I managed to remember where all the emeralds were after all these years, but I still haven't been able to use the super dance shoes because I wasn't able to get 50 rings without getting hit. Oh boy, the ring emblem's gonna be so fun.
<PrimeV2> Dance shoes aren't activated by 50 rings + jump
<PrimeV2> you hit one of the dance shoe monitors
I am an idiot.
I've been attemping the record attack emblems because I love this thing so much, but the time attack emblem is just annoying. Whenever I'm on a good run, I end up dying somewhere because the homing attack slows me down mid-air and drops me in a pit.

Other than that, everything about this level is amazing and perfect and if the hall of fame was still a thing this would fit perfectly there. I love this level, it's the level that inspired me to get into level designing, after all.
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This is incredibly fun, and I don't even need to praise this as that's already been done. However, tune 20 fails to play in it's respective cutscenes, even with the command.


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Use the SDL2 build. Tunes 20 is some weird format that loads fine on SDL2, but errors on FMod. It's a vanilla track, so editing it would be an increase in filesize, but if we make a patch (which we might, if I can figure out what the cause behind the skyboxes sometimes not switching right is), we might include a re-encoded version of that track that loads in the DD build.


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You had to bring this back... :3

It was still as fun as it was back in 2.0, and I don't feel like the new cutscene system was needed; the way it was before looked like an in-game dialog, which was somehow funnier.

9.9/10. "Donkey Kracken couldn't tell me what was happening to him." -Definetly Not IGN.


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I had a playthrough and got all the Chaos Emeralds. To be honest, I couldn't get all the emeralds back in 2.0, but other than that, it's great to play this again. Well done.


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Oh my god I thought this got an update but it didn't.
There goes my expectations.

Please don't bump an year long thread

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Zero_the_artificial, please don't complain every time someone bumps a thread and you mistakenly think it was an update. (This is the second time in the last few weeks you've done this) If the user in question was bumping pointlessly we moderators will deal with them. Otherwise, we don't really care that you thought it was an update, that's entirely your fault for expecting that. =P
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