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[Reusable] SkinColor Effects

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A couple of reusable animated effects for your custom colors.

Comes with a normal single version of the scripts, intended for just one color and a group version, which lets you add it to several colors swiftly instead of copying the script for each color.

Includes the two effects, that can be seen in the same order in the attached images:
Wave and Loop


  • wave.gif
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  • loop.gif
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  • L_ColorEffects_v1.pk3
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  • L_ColorEffectsGroupVer_v1.pk3
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Dear lord what have you unleashed. I love it!



Working Hard... Or Hardly Working?
Whoops, sorry.
Updated the original post to be a little more clear.
Loop is the one that goes forwards and then backwards, whilst Wave just goes forwards.
Can I say that I have no idea how to work with this? I know how to make normal colors in lua, but this is a pk3, which I have 0 experience with. Please. Help. Me.


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As it says, I got it to work, but I've seen a gif that clearly shows two palettes in the same animation, how do you do that? <- The gif I'm referring to. (I couldn't attach it sorry)
antonretrojr said:
You probably need the color ramp to be 32 colors long instead of 16. First 16 are red, the other 16 are blue
nup, it shows only the first 16
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im not the best at coding so even with the custom colors announcement i kinda decided to not do anything but with this released i might actually consider making a custom skin.
as a side note, this could make for some interesting ashura/wechnia skins!

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