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ManicTH14 is helping me out with this.

whoa... he's come such a long way since I taught him *sniff* I'm proud of him

I didn't even know you could do that stuff with Lua, I've been so far away from SRB2 for the past few months, maybe I should come back...
but still, that's pretty damn neat, I wonder what you could do with this..

I wish you luck on completing this, since it's been a while. The lack of update information in the past.. - 3..? - Months implies you're pretty busy with other things.

By the way, those new sprites you showed are impressive as all hell. And before then I thought the sprites couldn't possibly get any better!


Damn! where is that fourth choas emrald? and i needa find 2 and 3!

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Wait... theres a huge chaos control? no one told me... I clicked on the vid on the comment...

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New game? nice!

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I mean new char"


Go on, I dare you!
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Hi guys. I updated the initial post with a new update for shadow. Its only bug fixes however (Thanks Rumia1). The sprite update for shadow will probably come out soon... hopefully.

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