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Hey guys! It's been at least a year since I first started project OWTHEEDGE. I hope you guys have fun with him! :)

Shadow's primary ability is Chaos Control. Use the directional keys to warp in any direction of your choosing. Tap jump while in midair to warp upwards and spin to go downwards. You can use this ability up to two times. You can also use homing attack on enemies when using your primary near enemies. In Match, use Chaos Control to warp away and mindgame your foes.

Another neat feature to note about Shadow is his air-cancel ability. Normally after a chaos control, you are left suspended in the air for about a second. You can cancel this so that you can drop down faster by pressing spin directly after a chaos control!

Shadow has a unique running gameplay. He is not affected by friction and any floor movement of any sort due to him skating/floating slightly in midair. However he's not as easy to control as Sonic now and mastery over skidding can potentially save you from hard platforming segments.


oh and when you go super the limit on chaos control is removed.

Many thanks to Motorroach, RedEchidna, and Hellhawk for the spindash and drowning Lua, Jay and Hellhawk for Chaos Control, Larztard for skating SFX, and to Blade for charselect pic.

6/26/15 - Initial Release
11/5/19 - Update 1: Fixed Chaos Control bug making shadow die randomly. Fixed Chaos Control in Analog Mode. Fixed p_random error. Thanks Rumia1!


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He's back! He's black! He's here to smash up Brak!

It's good to have a Shadow with a good, original moveset on board. Welcome to Releases.


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Is he supposed to be able to use chaos control afer using the wind shield to recover from a fall?
If he isn't, well, he can do that.
If he is, well, then trying to use chaos control near an enemy or item box just makes him twitch and do nothing, because he can't homing attack it. When no attackable mobjs are in range it behaves correctly again.


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Shadow's a great character, as everyone expected, but why does his spindash/homing attack trail object last for a shorter time than everyone else's? It doesn't affect his gameplay, of course, but it's still a little odd when you're used to all of the other characters' eight tics instead of Shadow's five.


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This wad is literally awesome.
The chaos control, while a bit hard to get used to is really worth using and makes Shadow really unique, Bravo Monsieur!

However, i'd like to point out that Chaos Control allows Shadow to make his way INTO spikes, making it pretty much stuck in there (or able to "slide" out sometimes). Same seems to happen if you clip on a FOF while ending the Chaos Control, but you will only be in the spinning frames and able to move.
Look at Katmint's gif.
I guess this glitch also applies to some other objects. Maybe making him clip out of them?

Meet the first video ever featuring SRB2 2.1 skilled Shadow gameplay that doesn't end up in a game over!

...I still play better than you did in Clock Towers :>
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This is one of the best character wads I've seen. But I've encountered a few bugs while playing. I have analog mode turned off, and when I use chaos control and hold a direction, sometimes it doesn't go in the direction I'm holding. It'll go left or right. Same thing sometimes happens with the Homing attack. It doesn't happen all the time, but I played through the entire game with shadow, and it happened about 10-15 times.

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I feel lame and nitpicky asking this, but isn't Shadow's dashing color more orangish than yellow? Obviously, it's not detrimental as to what color it is, as Shadow is a superb character WAD already. It's just this sort of stuff that actually bugs me for seemingly no reason


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when I use chaos control and hold a direction, sometimes it doesn't go in the direction I'm holding. It'll go left or right. Same thing sometimes happens with the Homing attack.

I've had this problem happen as well. I think it happens more than usual when Shadow launches from a CEZ spinning chain, but it could just be me.


Well, as someone who dislikes Shadow, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this wad.
The wad is really fun to play, with its unique mechanics, even thought it intentionally controls like butter on ice.
I've just noticed that 2D mode is rather wonky, with the required inputs for Chaos Control being forward and backward rather than left or right as you'd expect. And the skating noises are a little too loud for me, but that's a personal preference.

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I remember when you first started this. Congratulations on finishing it dude! Now work on your other abandoned projects lol.

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Normally I don't double post but I actually have a reason to, I found a bug and it's pretty critical. If Shadow get's out of Chaos Control near or directly on a rope, he'll grab it and won't let go. No matter how much you try.



Finally, this community gets a real Shadow to play with, and not the faker I cobbled together in '08. I get mad when anybody ports that ugly thing! (Thank heavens the Submissions board exists, it stopped those things cold.)

Even better that he handles differently from everyone else too. That's a huge step above simply making him look amazing, and giving him a cool ability to boot; really didn't think Lua could bring that much flexibility to the game. I would've went nuts abusing that feature if it existed when I had the time to make characters for SRB2 years ago.

Really glad to see this finished. It's everything a good chunk of the community has wanted desparately for years. Nobody better try and take that shadow.wad file name away, it finally has a skin worthy and deserving of taking that place in everyone's folders for the first time. Way to go,


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Finally managed to capture the glitch I was talking about. It seems to happen when the camera is pointing a certain way. The beginning of Deep Sea Zone 1 was the perfect example for this issue. I am obviously holding forward when I do the homing attack, but it soars off in a direction I didn't intend to go.



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There is a bit of a game breaking bug I've found with Shadow, I'm not sure why it happens, but it does. If you spam the jump button near enemies, occasionally you'll just noclip through every entity, rings, springs and such.

Not only that but there's a couple problems regarding 2D and Analog mode, in 2D mode, pressing left or right will still send Shadow left or right relative to the direction he's facing of the way he's facing, rather than forwards or backwards. Analog is much of the same in that he still chaos controls in the direction relative to him, rather than the direction you're pressing.

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I just want to point out a very minor error, Shadow's air shoes have an off pixel which changes color with the fur, like here:

Oh, and Shadow's a blast to play as, so I'm not completely nitpicking here.


REALLY not a fan of his back-facing running sprites. He has way too much movement going on compared to almost every single other angle of his running sprites.

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