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[MP Level] SERAPH Speedway V1


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first track release!

Starting from the end with the last map of my planned Gacha Cup it's the Aquatic Racing Paradise:

SE.RA.PH Speedway!



A bit of a tough course, with angular turns and multiple hairpins through the digitzed world of a magical sinking oil rig (trust me it totally makes sense). Based on the backgrounds from the Fate: Grand Order and Fate/Extra CCC crossover event, Abyssal Cyber Paradise: SE.RA.PH.

My game plan is to revisit this one when I've finished the entire cup to see how much I've improved with a ground-up rebuild, but I'm pretty happy with it for now (Other than the sky but that's not too big a deal). It doesn't make sense to me to sit on a finished map until I've done all the others, so I'm releasing it now. Enjoy!


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Pretty cool track aesthetically. Are you the same person who made the SI-HT track with that cubic design?

I like the alt paths. That speed panel on the lowered one being just that extra little bit to the right is devious; so close, yet so far from touching it. Music is fine, not going to light anybody's world on fire but it's fitting an inoffensive enough. It's in that weird spot for length where I want to say it should be four laps but three is sort of sufficient. The offroad sections on the corners is a nice noob saver, and with careful edge driving can be used without a boost to cut the corner as well while maintaining speed.

Looking forward to see what you make next!


Hipster Youmu

I've already commented to you about this in person but I figure I'll put together a bit more mention now that it's out for the public. I thought it was a really well and thought out course. Not entirely easy, for sure, but not exactly a blind turn course, either. There's plenty of hints, it's very readable, and even in Encore, with a mostly single color on track, it does a fine job of presenting itself.

I think that this isn't a bad point of release either and I know you've been holding off on it for quite some time. There's a few things graphically I still think could be better, especially some of the turn signage in comparison to other things the course has that obviously had a lot of time spent on it, but overall it works for the time being. I think if there was any kind of critique that's about as nitpicky as I can get here.

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