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Ringslinger ReMatch - Definitive Ringslinger map-pack

Welcome to...
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Ringslinger ReMatch!

Ringslinger ReMatch is your one-stop-shop for Match and CTF maps. Containing both maps from SRB2's past updated to fit the standard of contemporary match maps as well as custom maps, Ringslinger ReMatch aims to be a must-have for anybody wishing to host a netgame in the ringslinger gametypes.

As of now, there aren't alot of maps, and many of them may seem subpar in comparison to most ringslinger maps due to how...​

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Hey, I love this idea!
Thank you!

Update 2 should be out pretty soon, I've completed porting all of the match maps! (Weapon placement not complete)
Since SRB2: The Past is now out, I can get these through alot faster. Thanks glaber!
New Green Upheaval Zone, because there was one too many Techno Hill ripoffs. Will probably be renamed to Oil Rig Zone or something.
When Update 2 will be out?
Well, as long as nobody makes any reposts of the maps I've worked on replacing half of the textures with anime girls, and a good quarter of them with textures from an unreleased gamemode, as well as leaving no credits to any of the texture creators or map creators, instead listing it as their own work, and then proceeding to host with it on the master server, it should come out pretty soon, as the only things that are left are minor balancing changes and level headers.

Thank god nobody would realistically do that, though, right?
Oh that Remastered map. Since it's open Assets i borrow your map to make remastered version for Meadow Meme Zone I already credited your original map in description.


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