Ranma 1/2 Characters V2 [Ranma (Boy/Girl) Update, NEW! Akane]

Now you've done it! Let's Fight!


Meet Ranma Saotome of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. While a talented master of different styles of martial arts, he comes to Kart with his speedy skill and balanced weight to mirror his fighting skills. However due to an unfortunate accident while training at Jusenkyo, the training ground of "cursed" springs, Ranma had the unfortunate accident of falling into the spring of drowned girl (Very tragic story!) where touching cold water causes Ranma to turn into a girl. Fortunately Ranma can also turn back into a guy when touching hot water. Though this can lead to some rather awkward situations as you can imagine.

This Ranma 1/2 character pack includes both boy-type Ranma and girl-type Ranma as well as a bundled "lua" version that includes both characters and also carries Ranma's curse. When driving into cold water or rain, Ranma will turn into a girl. Since there's no hot water in Kart, (Typically!) Ranma will change back into a guy when he falls off the track. He's already losing time anyway. Keep in mind using the lua pack prevents Ranma from participating in time attack modes. You can load the characters separately from the non-lua versions, which means there is no 'curse'. Both Boy-Type and Girl-Type Ranma play identically, so choose based on your preference. You can choose which gender you want to start each race/battle session with and your choice is reflected in statistics as well as the goal post when a Ranma player finishes in first place.

The lua also includes fail-safes in case the character pack is not loaded correctly. Certain maps in the base game (As well as a few user made maps) are blacklisted preventing the curse from occurring in areas that aren't exactly water. (Such as lava or oil) The server host can also make use of commands such as "ranma_curse" that prevent the curse from working. For more information use "ranma_help" on a hosted session.

New in V2!

Akane Tendo

Ranma's fiance Akane Tendo is now a playable character for Kart. Although she does not have any traits that specialize in speed, she comes to Kart with her brute strength making her a real bully against other racers.

SOC Modifiers
Mapmakers and server hosts can now create their own specialty modifiers for maps via SRB2's SOC definitions. Included in the Extras folder are example soc files for some map packs that are available now. For best compatibility be sure to load the SOC files after loading the related level or level pack.

"Lua.ranma_no_curse" will disable the curse for liquid areas (Such as oil or lava!) The script already accounts for levels in the base game and do not need an external SOC definition to disable the curse on relevant tracks. This will not affect the KartRev mod.

"Lua.ranma_hot_water" will cause all liquid areas to behave as 'hot' water which will change Ranma from a girl to a guy. There are no maps in the base game that make use of this.

Rain conditions do not work with these modifiers. Learn more about SRB2's SOC definitions from the relevant wiki page.

Variable Weather

Ranma will now be affected by variable weather conditions should there be spontaneous chances of rain. This allows for compatibility for mods such as the Weathermod when conditions such as Rain, Tempest and Sink Rain. This will also cause the mod to override the weather condition specified by the map initially.


Ranma and Akane can now shout at each other in a tense game of Marco Polo with the use of the Horn Mod located in the Extras folder. Be sure to load the Horn Mod first then the Ranma and Akane horn pack.

Special thanks to Lach for assistance on checking for rain in a map.


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I like avocados
I found a bug: when the weather changes Ranma will not "react" to it, example: if the map start raining and the weather changes to sunny, Ranma will still change when exposed to the open sky. and the same happens the other way, if the map starts sunny and it starts raining, he will not change.


I like avocados
kart0000.gifweathermod and or with any map that has the "change weather" linedef effect, I made a map for myself and when the weather changes ranma does not transform
!Now Present For You!

Thanks to your support, the Ranma Character Pack is now up to Version 2! Akane! LUA SOC hooks! Variable Weather! Horns! All now available for use in Kart!
Heads up, the bundled IvoIndustries SOC file hides the Oil Ocean level from rotation and I forgot to change that when I bundled the SOC for the character. You can edit the SOC file with any text editor and change "TypeOfLevel" from "SinglePlayer" to "Race" without the quotation marks.

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