Post your pics/art here!

heres a custom super boom shadow because i was sad there was no supers in sonic boom show or game


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Hey, that's pretty good!
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On the topic, I did a high-quality rip of GFZ1's old midi version.
Wow, I can't believe you actually like it! Here's another one:

This time, I decided to do GamerPingu only. She's doing a majestic pose. Looks awesome, right?

Oh, and as for that HQ-rip on GFZ1 prior to Final Demo? It's pretty funny! Fleenstones!
I'm known for making crappy arts! I have alot of them. But why not show you me getting confused of how lua works! This one was awhile ago but I'm very proud of this. I use Kleki to draw but use flipaclip for animations!


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well, ya see me? i make stuff, and it takes me 7 decades to do so. anyway, smol introduction to the side, here's a render of dancing ryan c.
bomba [smol].png
More of my OC, striking a pose in a vocaloid costume, and doing a silly Sailor Moon gesture in his regular outfit.

03-05 voca-steel posing.png
04-05 in the name of what.png

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