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My digital piano is at the repair shop for sticky keys, so I was messing around with my synth...was improvising and came up with this! A short, melancholic, and relaxing improv of Crystal Gems from Steven Universe! Sometime it's good to not have the tools you want! Enjoy!

Click the image to watch!

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I headed out to the River Trail Nature Center in Illinois to get some photos of wildlife. I was hoping to stay long enough to get some nice photos in golden sunset light. I found out that the place closes early at 4:00pm, so I was a bit worried. But thanks to the early setting sun in winter, there was already beautifully warm golden light by 3:00pm. Here's a shot of one small mourning dove on a cold day basking in the warm evening (late afternoon) sun.

That's stunning.

Thank you, Cobalt! I really love this shot.

Also, here's a new drawing I made! I drew my old home, Saikai in the style of Steven Universe! I moved to the countryside of Japan around five years ago and loved every moment of it! The scenery was breathtaking, the people were kind, and the bugs were terrifying. It was a very unique experience, I'd look out upon this ocean view with the huge futuristic looking bridge in the middle of the small countryside town almost every day. At night you could see the milky way with just your eyes, and in the summer you'd smell of the fragrance of flowers mixed with the cool ocean'd hear the gentle crashing of waves and the peaceful drone of cicadas.

It's been about a year since I've been there, but I'm supposed to head back there soon! Just waiting until travel restrictions from Covid lessen. The left side is supposed to represent my old home in Iowa since there's...corn. And an old barn! It's much less flat than Iowa though. I suppose this drawing represents two places that mean a lot to me, combined into one! The right side you can see Oshima bridge, a scene I'd see every day across the ocean from my apartment on my way to school. If you look in the center way far down you'll see a road, with a small brick area with two reallllllly tiny palm trees. That's a little area just outside of my where my apartment was! The little rocky things just off the roadside barrier are called tetrapods! Really big rocks shaped like jacks that help break up strong waves.

You can barely see em, but Peridot is sitting on the hill with pumpkin! Peridot is probably my favorite character in the show because she always has a positive attitude and is just a funny character all around. I watched the entirety of this show with one of my good friends just before leaving Saikai, and it very quickly become one of my favorite shows of all time. I love the characters, the messages, and the music. Might try reusing all the lineart and drawing a sunrise version next!

Here's some photos of the area in real life:

Photo 1: Oshima Bridge at Night

Photo 2: The Road, the Sea, the Distant Bridge

Photo 3: The Small Brick and Palm Tree Area

Photo 4: A Saikai Sunset

This took some serious effort, so I think it's worth sharing here. An unlikely crossover that crossed (heh) my mind, mixing two of my favorite characters.

Recorded a new piano arrangement! This one a beautifully moving piece from Chrono Trigger called "Wind Scene", it gets pretty crazy about halfway through 🤣. It was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (光田康典) who is my favorite composer of all time. He excels at writing unforgettable melodies that convey a breadth of emotions simultaneously, while remaining surprisingly simple. I think that simplicity is what helps make his music so powerful. Anyways, I hope you guys like this one, it's one of my favorites! Also, Casino Night Zone is almost ready!

There is this pretty lovely tree in my backyard every year in the spring that blossoms pink flowers, which remain for only about a couple weeks or so. It’s an annual phenomenon that is kinda short-lived, so that’s what gets me encouraged to take pictures of it while I can. Namewise, I think it’s called a “weeping cherry” tree. (barrage of large images below)

The tree right beside it is a crabapple. Unfortunately my move to elsewhere later this year will make me miss seeing these bloom as they do. Good to have snapped this while I had the opportunity!

View from my balcony, and some background trees beginning to gain color.

A weirdly cool thing about this tree close-up that I have to mention is, barring the last image - the end of this branch here somehow got stuck in its sap when it hardened! No clue how it got this way, but it's very unique all the same. I took the last picture only because it was a different time of day than the April 13th ones; 1 PM as opposed to 4 PM. Different angle of sunlight and all that. I guess also you can start to see some of the puny pink petals have fallen on the grass, which I don't think I saw five days prior.

I've seen a few other properties in my neighborhood have weeping cherry trees, but I enjoy how big ours is. Can't help but also take humor in how something named as gracefully as the weeping cherry blossom is next to a cranky-sounding crabapple. The sorrowful, mournful, droopy feminine figure at the elbow of the equally-sullen but also grouchy and such-a-sourpuss masculine presence. Or at least that's my interpretation! Bit of a moody pair those two.
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After uhhh, 5 years i guess?, i finnaly made my OC.

After changing the animal three(?) times (Before they were a recolor, then a Chipmunk, then a Rabbit... and now a Rat lol).

And this one atleast got in digital, the three times i tried to do a OC never got in digital, they just... died lol

Snacky THe Rat but Awesomer 2.png

Draw made by: Me lol
Here's my art:
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This is my avatar on the right, and on the left is a different character, GamerPingu.
Hey, that's pretty good!
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On the topic, I did a high-quality rip of GFZ1's old midi version.
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Why are some of these like glorious YouTube thumbnails though
i have no idea, its my imagination, lmao but what u said about the thumbnails reminds me that i am making a EMW5 Series soon, thx for reminding me

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