Piko Pack

Piko Pack 1.1


which one is that?
i do not know srry
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Someone probably asked this, but do the Peppino, Snick, Noise models work for Nick's Tower of Pizza Pack?
Forgive me for asking, but which models png's and models.dat lines are specifically for them?
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how would you do it on android anyways?
wow im blind i didn't notice that for 3 days
anyways i would just extract it to the modelpack I'm using, delete the COLOR folder since i don't want to have a red niko or something when using foxbot or buddyEX

so basically just make sure your models.dat lines are right
No Way?!?! :ShockedFace:
and WS = workshop
the SRB2 workshop isnt as active as the message board, and it mainly has ports :/
edit: and sometimes it closes down for no reason idk
and a youtuber is a moderator for the workshop (guess who)
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yo pikopiko
uh beebo has some problems

so first of all his fall animation after ground-pound jumping is missing

and for some reason pyrefly appears when he dies to fire, but i think that's a problem with the original mod
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