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My first character wad, Originally created out of bordem in an attempt to replicate his feel and gameplay from the Pac-Man World trilogy. After about a whole year (and this day of my typing being PMW2's anniversary) I am deciding to submit it here and see how it fares.

- Pac-Man has 4 hit points, the fourth hit means death. Refill your life by collecting ring monitors by one point.
- Press the spin key to perform the Butt-Bounce, the third bounce will spring you up to even greater heights!
- Unlike other characters, Pac-Man will take damage if gets hit while charging the Rev-Roll. Also unlike other characters, Pac-Man can't actually roll manually if he's carrying any momentum.

I probably would have given him actual custom sprites but I wanted to focus more on the gameplay and coding, What with me currently busy with college and all. Also included is a "cosmetic" WAD that will change all the rings to Pac-Dots along with adding a different invincibility tune.


Apparently Pac will use placeholder sprites in match while turning Super (because I never intended him to have a super form to begin with) along with the fact he can't change color but please note I wanted this to a singleplayer addon first and foremost. I may update this in the future if enough people want it though.

Demnyx Onyxfur [9/30/18 revision]

UPDATE: 8/30/18
Demnyx Onyxfur made some touches to my WAD and gave me permission to release it. The most notable feature is Pac-Man now has a stylized dedicated health bar visualized just like the Pac-Man World games. Ring monitors also will now display health wedges if you are playing as Pac-Man.


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I think you need to fix the sprites from the back, its like they are playing backwards


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Haven't even tested it yet but I already love it! Pac-Man World 2 is literally my favorite namco game of all time!
UPDATE: Friend of mine added some new touches to this wad a while back, Asked permission to release it.

See the changelog above for more details.
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