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Hih, today I have for you something I've been very much meaning to showcase: New Multiplayer Music! A music pack consisting of original remasterings of MIDIs + the MIDI files themselves that they were based on, all sequenced by Jarel "Arrow" Jones. The purpose of this is to give more multiplayer Zones their own unique music - there are various in-game Tunes that are shared between the levels in the single-player campaign and the Capture the Flag & Match stages, so to give each of the following multiplayer Zones their own theme, I have, to the best of my ability, remastered a selection of MIDIs onetime composed for two fangames:

  • D / O_MAPF0M - Lime Forest Zone AngelIsland1.mid
  • D / O_MAPF2M - Silver Cascade Zone Overture.mid
  • D / O_MAPF4M - Twisted Terminal Zone The Grand Eggship.mid
  • D / O_MAPF6M - Molten Fissure Zone LavaReef.mid
  • D / O_MAPF8M - Iron Turret Zone Eggman Battle 1.mid
  • D / O_MAPF9M - Dual Fortress Zone Running Out of Time.mid
  • D / O_MAPM2M - Tidal Palace Zone Underwater.mid
  • D / O_MAPM5M - Infernal Cavern Zone Dark Ones Battle 1.mid
  • D / O_MAPM6M - Orbital Hangar Zone Monster Battle 3 - Redone Arrangement.mid
  • D / O_MAPM9M - Diamond Blizzard Zone Untitled 5.mid
  • D / O_MAPMAM - Celestial Sanctuary Zone Untitled 2.mid
Nine of these musics derive from Sonic: Emerald Quest, a title which may be recognizable to those with veteran knowledge of Sonic Robo Blast 2 as a bygone work of early Sonic Team Junior's that had a lot of music composed for it but virtually never got produced and only ever reached the planning phase, long ago authored by Johnny "Sonikku"/"CaptainAwesome" Wallbank. Some of the existing multiplayer musics currently in SRB2 were from Emerald Quest, such as Desolate Twilight Zone's Lazy Saturdays track, or the (remixed) Icy Tundra track now used in Icicle Falls Zone and Mystic Realm's Midnight Freeze Zone. To my knowledge, none of the ones here have had proper remasters before. Two of the other pieces of music in this pack (AngelIsland1.mid, LavaReef.mid) came from "Sonic Legends," apparently some kind of old fangame Arrow was involved with that had a Generations-esque premise about it. (Question, is this the same Sonic Legends I'm thinking of that recently celebrated 20 years of SFGHQ?)

Located in the PK3 is a miniscule MAINCFG lump with level headers configured to tell the game to play the tracks in this pack without playing in other maps - e.g. Lime Forest Zone's MusicSlot has been altered to F0, being told to play MAPF0M, so that it won't also play in Greenflower Zone Act 1, a map that normally shares the same tune. Of course by doing this, *the game will be modified* once the file's added, unlike other music packs, just so you know.

The download link immediately below this section of text, apart from directing to a ZIP file containing a folder of higher-quality, 128 kbps MP3 versions of each of the musics in NEW_mp_music.pk3, also features two bonus additional tunes not contained inside the pack I've decided to remaster that I didn't believe captured or matched the mood of any of the multiplayer maps, but were included since they were the few left remaining "untitled" pieces from S:EQ not used by SRB2, and I felt the need to bring recognition to them: Untitled 1 and Untitled 6; I've fictitiously dubbed these Hurricane Cape Zone and Eon Timber Zone respectively. Attached are screenshots of the preview because it's probably gonna say like "Whoops! There was a problem etc." on your end and I want to make it certain that you aren't downloading a virus from me lol

remasters are accurately looppointed, painstakingly mixed, mastered, and listened to using turtle beach ear force px21 headphones (red accent), and made with fl studio... you can find the thread where i discovered the original midi collection here


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I'm genuinely nostalgic for Underwater.mid -- takes me back to the days when it was used in Tets' level pack. Cool stuff! I was thinking it was a bit of a shame that so many originals went unused, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one.


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Nice to see my thread is still helping people out to this day :)

Also nice to see that this project is done! After several years without updates (on the forum, at least), I thought it had quietly died.

I was thinking it was a bit of a shame that so many originals went unused, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

Let's also dedicate a moment of silence for those songs that were used but then got left out for one reason or another. Like Verdant Forest.mid, used by Woodland Panic Zone all the way back in 1.08.

I miss Chaos mode :(. It's good people will always keep bringing it back but man even if I understand the reasons, I still wish it hadn't been dropped.


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Ooo this is really cool! I'll definitely be checking these out later

(Question, is this the same Sonic Legends I'm thinking of that recently celebrated 20 years of SFGHQ?)

I can confirm it isn't, it's the old one.

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Also nice to see that this project is done! After several years without updates (on the forum, at least), I thought it had quietly died.

Yeah, heh. Almost every day for 3 years since it's inception, I had this project on my mind, even during the few hiatuses I took because of stuff like my headphones breaking or just life stuff in general. For a... few reasons or another, I just had to push on and get this done soon. You probably can imagine now of the level of thought and care I put into how these sound, I'm really proud of these. I know Underwater and Untitled 5 seem to be fan-favorites of some of the community here too, so I hope people can appreciate having, for the first real time, true remasters of them.

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So, two months later, 2.2 is released. "What now?!"

I am beginning to form plans for a new version of this music pack, starting with me studying the new way lumps are named. It's unsure as to what its contents are going to contain... though, I'm positive there will be some amount less than before (in part due to... less MP Zones). Nonetheless, the same original premise of "give all the multiplayer Zones different tracks from each other and the main game" will still be there. Maybe I can achieve that goal the next time. And I guess I just have a soft spot for Emerald Quest music! I maintain that I always thought it was a good idea to recycle its old melodies to reuse in some fashion in SRB2. Those were just too interesting to leave behind.

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