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New Cuphead. Better Sprites, and better moves


I'm Honestly Just Plain Stupid...
I might as well go ahead and say this but! I was lazy with that Cuphead mod. Using MS Paint. Not the best idea. So, after months of practice, and years of training. (Definitely was not a day ago when I started with no experience.) I have built up the courage to make it better! Maybe just a little. But it's better than paint.
Also don't worry. This time you can change the color. I'm using palette range for this. Which might not be the best idea! Butttt!!!!!
wah (P.s User is helping program!)
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Sprite update:
CupheadFall l&R.png
New Piskel-1.png (8).png
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the mod sucks ass buddy bad mod its better if you use asesprite still a bad mod👎👎👎👎👎👎
bro deadass judging a mod before it even came out 💀

spriting is a hard thing so idm, im just curious about the abilities
Even if I can’t make the sprites good. Atleast I have a software to finish a game I’m working on

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