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A Lua-based custom character ability that I threw together over the course of the last twelve hours. It allows characters to jump higher if they jump immediately after hitting the ground from a previous jump, much like how Mario behaves in many of his recent games. The example script grants Sonic a triple jump with the maximum height being around twice his normal jump height, but if you use this for your own character, the number and height of the jumps is all up to you.

Special thanks to BlueBlurForever for giving me the idea (as well as a simplistic prototype for the script) and MonsterIestyn for bugfixing help.


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You need quite a lot of space to put this ability to use, but it's pretty satisfying to pull off when you get the chance to reach areas Sonic normally can't or take shortcuts he otherwise couldn't. With any luck, someone will put this to good use in another character as well.


Thanks for doing this man, it's just a shame I wasn't really able to help that much due to the IRC breakdown.
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