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If you've played up to Deep Sea Zone, you may have noticed that the Sound Test lacks a lot of captions for most of its sounds. For example, kc33. This Lua aims to add the missing captions to those sounds. For example, s253 becomes Siren, cdpcm8 becomes Mechanical Shift, etc.

Feel free to contribute some captions to this Lua. After all, I don't know everything about sounds in Sonic games.

Note that unlike most mods, you should load this before any mods that replace captions, to avoid conflicts.

s3k7d, s3ka1, kc31, kc3b, kc3e, kc40, kc44, kc47, kc4b, kc4e, kc4f, kc50, kc51, kc55, kc56, kc5b, kc5d, kc68, and kc6e. I swear I've played Chaotix before.


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