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[Open Assets] Monitor Storage - Save a powerup for later

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AKA FuriousFox
This script lets you save up to 3 monitors that you can use later. Just run up to a monitor and press the any of the Custom Action buttons to destroy the monitor and save its powerup for later. To use the powerup, just press the corresponding Custom Action button again.

Powerups are saved through map changes as well!


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  • vl_MonitorStorage-v1.lua
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Nice. Can't wait to mess about with 3 Invincibility powerups against the final boss stored.

The icon placement is ok, but perhaps I could suggest a minimalist version be togglable so it's less.... in the way. Other than that, I've enjoyed using it!
Now as soon as i saw this lua i decided to try this with mario... aaaand... it Sort of worked? Power-ups did save... but it gave mario shields... not the mario power ups... and yes. i know that this is an old addon thats probably not being worked on anymore... but is there a way to make mario power ups save?

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