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Tired of that snailer shooting you down like a boss? Want to hide away from crawlas safe from harm's way?

Minus is all that and more! Completely invincible underground and equipped with an extra strong jump, the digging badnik has a glaring advantage against the fiendish doctor's robot creations... but there are some, ahem, side effects to this reclusiveness to the SRB2 world. Find out for yourselves~


A few warnings: Don't try to stand on gargoyles as this character, currently doesn't work properly as of yet.


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Incredible. Incredibly silly too.

This is certainly an interesting wad to mess around with, his extremely high jump height and the fact he is completely invincible while digging is easy to exploit, but that's the entire point of the character.

2.1 spoiler
It's even possible to abuse these abilities to keep pace with Metal Sonic in ERZ3 until the final stretch of the race.


I love how you can be immune to many things using Minus, so much fun to use. Makes Brak Eggman so much easier and other bosses as well.


I think this character is best to use in co-op or race, because it would be impossible to play in match with minus, since he's invincible to thrown rings.


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I think this might be the most overpowered character in any version of SRB2 lol

Fun though.


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Apparently so fast you can dig... OVER WATER.
But yeah, this is a pretty fun wad. Keep making goofy things like this!


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Nice job! Also, for some reason this wad made me want a cacodemon wad...Wot

Dr. λ

Great wad, but what bothers me a bit is that he cannot through the slit in the first stage where one is supposed to spindash through. As if he is too tall too go under it even though he is underground.

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Yeah, that's because Minus isn't actually *really* underground, he's just unable to touch objects and cannot be hurt by anything (except death pits). But he can still collide with the floor, ceiling and walls the same way anyone else can.

You have to admit it was a pretty convincing illusion though. =P


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oh boy! i cant wait to kill people from underneath like a serial killer! :D

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