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Formerly "RomioTheBadass"
Introducing Mine Maze, A Remake of an Alpha SRB2 Level, Featuring Platforms moving Vertically and bunch of Slopes (Act 2), and a Boss Battle, Originally submitted for SUGOI.

After Defeating eggman and his Plans at Arid Canyon He escaped to a Dark
Mine nearby, You decided to Follow him but you get Ambushed and the Entrance
collapses, You are now stuck inside a mysterious Dark Maze, Can you survive eggman's Traps ?

What's New ?:
  • 2 New acts, a Platforming level and a Boss level.
  • Act 2 Music in MP3 Format :)
  • Slight Improvements to the 1st Act.
  • Cutscenes ?

Build time : 2 days and Half.


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Thanks everyone, I think it's time to fix the few remaining bugs so I can move on to perhaps Remaking Dark City :p

Changes :

  • Act 1 : Updated Underwater section to be less Confusing, and Replaced Speed pads with Zoom Tubes.
  • Act 2 : Players should no longer get stuck on Slopes.
  • Act 3 : Boss no longer falls into death pits.
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