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[Character] Milne the Crystal Fox - [ v2.1 ]


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Milne comes into the race with her bike that she totally did NOT steal!




STATS - Speed - 2, Weight - 9

Milne's voice is Amity from The Owl House.

-Version 2.1:
- New signpost made by RalphJeremy65 edited from Milne's vanilla signpost.
- Changed her default skincolor from Nova to Sunset.
- Changed her weight stat from 8 to 9.

-Version 2:
- Replaced all of Milne's voice lines with Amity.
- Completely redone sprites.
- Changed her stats.

-Version 1.1:
- Fixed Milne's lose line replacing Metal Sonic's

-Version 1.0:
- Initial release

minenice: Bike template sprites
RalphJeremy65: Signpost edit


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New milne sprites are now in Kart, now let's wailt until they appear in Vanilla.

(btw: Yeah, i watched The Owl House, Awesome serie)