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Metal Anyone v3 (dead project, check v2.5 release)


coder who does not code
You know, I've been meaning to mention that you should probably change the title of the thread, because even though you're not taking any more suggestions, people just read the title and immediately post a suggestion without reading anything lol
I forgot to change that :p


I like Sailor Moon. So sue me!
Greeneyes - Momentum Homing Thok, C1 D-Jump, Heat Mode, Speedstomp. Color: Cobalt.
Adventure Sonic by Metalwario64 - SA1 Lightdash, Bounce Attack, Adventure style Homing Attack. Color: Advance Sonic.
A SpongeBob mod that I want to make but can't because I can't mod for shit - Bubble Spin with C1, Bubble Bounce with Spin in midair, Bubble Bowl with C2, Homing Attack + D-Jump, Breathe Underwater. I am also giving you permission to make the mod itself, I will tell you the full moveset in a seperate post. Must for SpongeBob: Says his full name instead of just "SpongeBob." It pisses the shit out of me when people do that. Color for SpongeBob: Custom yellow reminiscent of Season 1.
Snolf - Golf Physics, Mulligan. Color: Blue.
Alt SSNSonic - Multithok + Jump Boost. Color: S2 Blue.
Neo Sonic - Momentum Homing Thok, Dropdash. Color: Mania Blue.
Feels - Triple Jump, Boundgust. Color: Overture.
Eggrobo - Laser Fire. Color: Red.
Junio Sonic - Bullet Dash. Color: Cornflower.
Extra Life - Triple Dash. Color, S1 Blue.
Fucking Sonic (FSonic) - Instashield + Thok. Color: S3 Blue.
TailsCD - S3 Styled Tails Flying. Color: Orange.
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Btw If modern Sonic does get a spot in the abilities be sure to give him a hud that works just like modern's just to avoid errors and such
Modern Sonic DOES have an option for the vanilla SRB2 hud. Just type "hudstyle 0" in the console.
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How about an ability based on "Silver" Sonic from Sonic 2 16-bit, where a bunch of tiny spikes burst out when you press Spin in the air?
(i really don't know what to call it, to be honest, lol.)
The skincolor could be Cloudy, but it's up to you.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's called the Momentum Flip.
It is called the Momentum Flip.
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coder who does not code
So... yeah. Haven't updated this thread in a while huh? I come with some news.
*First of all, as I promised, I have released a v2.5 version to make up for it. Just to have him back "officially" I guess?
*Second, v3 is kinda... dead. Yeah... I just don't really feel like working on it at the time. For now you could consider it canceled, unless I decide to bring it back sometime for whatever reason?
Anyways, that's about it. Go check out the new release if you want.

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