[MP Level] Magma Heights [Racing map]

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Sometimes I sprite "things"
Here goes another map that I made, "Magma Heights", a level with a lava theme, this level is based in "Lava Reef Zone" from Sonic 3, I know, at the start looks like a kart race map, I just want to add another racing start, and not a simple one.


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Prime 2.0

Sorry for the delay.

The use of mobj stalagmites to form a racing border was an interesting choice. Conventionally, a middletexture with a similar graphic would be used instead, but this creates a thicker, more head-on graphic and doesn't seem to be very hard to run despite the number of objects involved, even on my computer.

Aesthetics were pretty nice overall, and I liked the racing markers start used, as well as the sector-based arrow decorations. The cutaway camera moments, for all that the booster takes care of the jump for you however aren't something to overdo, since even then players will often try to maneuver themselves a little in the air to gain just a little bit more advantage when they land. The slope-based stalagmites tend to fade into the background however, and barring their use as a physical obstruction a custom mobj (thanks to tallpatches, they can be very large) may have worked just as well.

The hill you have to climb before the first starpost can be easily bypassed by just jumping around it, over the lava. The slope-based stalagmites make this slightly harder, but not so much so that it's preferable to climb up instead.

An unfortunate side effect to using Lava as normal in this stage is that it heavily penalizes falling off, since you have to wait to die and there are few places you can get back up faster in most parts of the level. While it may be inconsistent with the use of lava in other stages, an instant death effect may be preferable for the sake of making the respawn happen faster.

In the crusher section, I've found little point to landing on any of the dangerous platforms. It's enough of a delay, especially since you have to wait for them to rise enough to jump in the first place, that getting killed is extremely likely. Most players will just spinjump, or thok through here I suspect.

That's everything off the top of my head, anyways. Welcome to Releases!
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