Madeline (Celeste) in SRB2

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I wanna make Madeline from Celeste in SRB2! I need to learn lua before that though. After I learn lua, I'll need some spriters to help me, because I don't know how to do pixel art and I'm already bad at art in general, so yeah. anyways this is what I have in mind

Skincolors (applies to her hair only, the rest of the sprite is how she usually looks)
Redhead: it'd be orange-red-ish, like an actual redhead, with a yellowish shine
Mountain: the color of the title on the Title Screen in Celeste, and the color her hair changes to when Dash is on cooldown.
Anxiety: A color based off of Madeline's evil counterpart(?)/representation of her own anxiety
  • Spin: Dash (hehe spindash funny)
Can be used twice with a 0.2 second cooldown in between
Can be used in the air and can be aimed up or down with C1 and C2 respectively
Can damage enemies (can be changed with the command celestestyle to make it play more like the actual Celeste, I'll explain it later)
If it's on cooldown, her skincolor changes to Celeste.
Can redirect and/or carry momentum.

  • Carry/Climb: C1/C1 > Dash
Carry objects or enemies, kind of like Milne
  • If used while holding forward into a wall OR dashing into one, she'd start climbing it with Knuckles like climbing physics, but with more speed...
    • You can only climb for about 10 seconds, though.
  • Jump to jump off the wall. Or use it to wall-jump.

  • Wall Bounce: Dash while climbing or hold Dash into a climb
Named after an advanced technique in the actual game, if you dash while climbing, or hold down Dash into a climb, you Dash up and slightly away from the wall

  • Crouch: C2
Get a smaller hitbox, and be able to slide under gaps that usually require being able to roll, given you have enough momentum. Or you can just..
  • Demo Dash: C2 > Spin
Dash while crouching, very simple.

  • celestestyle
    • Die in one hit, regardless of ring count. You have infinite lives (if possible), and you can't Dash into enemies to damage them, you can in the boss battles though.
  • assist infdash/infstamina
    • infdash: dash an infinite amount of times
    • infstamina: climb for an indefinite amount of time
  • coatcolor
    • Change the color of her coat or whatever it is

That's all.
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I could understand why people wouldn't want this, I was just wondering though, what if she was an actual SRB2 mod?
I like how thorough and creative your ideas are, but "What If" threads are really looked down upon here. Also they're explicitly against the rules lol.
I like how thorough and creative your ideas are, but "What If" threads are really looked down upon here. Also they're explicitly against the rules lol.
oh damn. Well uh, do I delete it or make it less of a "What if" and more of a "I wanna make this"? Because I've already edited it, so...
Also, I would say it's not too creative, legit brainstormed for a total of 10 seconds, I counted.
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goofy ass android keyboard. I edited the damn text over 10 times
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I just realized, she can't beat the game with the current moveset, so I added a "Crouch" and "Crouch Dash" AKA "Demo Dash".
Also, the dash carries and/or redirects momentum now
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Yeah uh I appreciate your enthusiasm but as Dylan said, "what if" threads are absolutely against the rules. I would recommend using these ideas and doing research into making a mod of your own though. We have plenty of resources to help you get started if you're willing to look around.
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