1. MailPipebomb

    Where do I find Dr. Robotnik Ring Racers Addons?

    I have noticed that it's hard to find addons for Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers when I haven't had that much trouble with getting SRB2Kart Addons. Granted that this may be because I mostly download the addons by joining Servers. but I have trouble with actually connecting to those servers to get...
  2. jaiplayz2101

    Madeline (Celeste) in SRB2

    I wanna make Madeline from Celeste in SRB2! I need to learn lua before that though. After I learn lua, I'll need some spriters to help me, because I don't know how to do pixel art and I'm already bad at art in general, so yeah. anyways this is what I have in mind Skincolors (applies to her hair...
  3. P

    needed help finding a mod (EDIT: FOUND IT)

    i just remembered an old mod, and i wanted to play it again,but cant find the name what i remembered from it is basically first of all,it was a level pack sonic replaced eggman (i think it was something like an old sonic vs new sonic fight? not sure) in his eggmobile there was also a secret...