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Little Project in the works.

Restless Dipstick

A guy that exists.
After a lot of planning, I recently started working on making one of my OCs, Drago the Cat. I plan on making his main gameplay mechanic his Combi-Hook (Quite literally a combination of the Combi-Ring from Chaotix and a Grapple Hook). I'll try to update this thread periodically to show his development.
SRB2 Drago Moveset Concepts.png
Full Rotation.gif
Jog C.gif
Run C.gif

I still have yet to learn LUA scripting, so even when his sprites are mostly finished, it's still gonna take quite a while before I can actually show his gameplay mechanics in action, but hopefully I'll be able to one day.

Also, some of you may recognize me from a thread I made a while back showing the concept, and early development of Bark. Well, simply put, he's kinda discontinued for the time being. After Light Dasher's Honey the Cat, and Retro18's Bark for SRB2 Kart were released, I kinda lost all motivation to work on him, since those basically confirmed that if it's an actual Sonic character, then no matter how obscure they maybe, someone else has, will, or are even in the middle of making them so much better than I ever could. That's why I decided to just make my OC, Drago, since I can just have fun making him the way I want without the feeling that someone else is almost bound to release a much better version, making mine basically obsolete. If any of you do end up wanting to use my concepts to make Bark a reality, then go right ahead.


Wow, this actually looks pretty great so far! Definitely will be looking forward to its release.
I'm also surprised at the speed of the progress between posts. It's good to see motivation like this, I wish you the best of luck with this project!

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