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[Open Assets] Kart Megamix Themes (Cactus Fix)

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If you remember, I previously release a WAD for vanilla SRB2 called "Megamix Themes". This allowed for a lot of characters to have their own unique Invincibility, Speed Shoes, and 1UP tune. I've decided to port this over to SRB2 Kart and expand upon the selection of characters it can be used with. Previously it was only meant for the characters that appeared in Sonic Megamix + a few extras, this time I've pretty much covered every single character currently available (with some exceptions). So this might be something fun for people to use to spice up their servers sometime.

Also because I know this will be asked, this will likely not adapt into specific themes for the Growth item as there's simply too many characters to account for now.
Before you make a reply in this thread:
I get this question a lot about "Can you add a character?", however I won't reply to all of those messages as sometimes it's a question I get by a lot of people. Yes, it's fine to request but please list the character and track you want me to use. OCs I've been pretty strict on for the time being to try and focus primarily on characters from existing properties, but if you noticed in a newer update I do have a couple entries implying a couple characters that don't come from a particular game or anime. I will say that from here on out any character (OC or otherwise) not already released on the forums will not be accepted at this time (unless it personally interests me or if it's a mod I'm planning on doing sometime).
This helps limit requests and reduces stress on my end, if I accepted any simple request, we'd be here all day. Of course that's common courtesy but I know some people forget to abide to it.

As of Release 5, requests are no longer being accepted as you can add them yourself. This is explained in the Changelog.

Themes List:
Release 1:
Sonic's Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix
Tails, Cream: Tails' Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix (Invincibility - Sonic Advance 2)
Knuckles, UglyKnux, Maki, Flicky: Knuckles' Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix (Invincibility - Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis))
Rosy: Invincibility - Sonic CD (US)
Eggman: Panic! - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine [REPLACED IN R4]

Metal Sonic:
Invincibility - Sonic CD (JP)
Amy, Gamma, Chao, Rouge, Big: Invincibility - Sonic Adventure
Espio, Vector, Charmy, Heavy, Bomb: Mighty's Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix (Surging Power - Knuckles Chaotix)
Shadow: Shadow's Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix (Invincibility - Sonic & Knuckles)
Omega: Super Shadow - Sonic Megamix (Scene of Carnage - Columns III)
Silver: Super Knuckles - Sonic Megamix
Wonder Boy: Dragon's Castle - Wonder Boy III
Aigis: Heartful Cry - Persona 4 Arena
All SRB2 Badniks: Invincible - Sonic Robo Blast 2
Super Sonic: Super Sonic - Sonic Megamix (Super Sonic - Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
Pointy: Invincibility - Sonic Drift
Mighty, Ray: Invincibility - Sonic Mania
Blaze, Marine: Invincibility (Hidden Island) - Sonic Rush Adventure
Ristar: Boss Theme - Ristar
NiGHTS and Reala: Reala's Theme - NiGHTs into Dreams
Ulala: All-Star Theme (Ulala) - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Aiai: All-Star Theme (Aiai) - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Segata: Segata Sanshiro Theme (Edited)
Arle, Carbuncle: Final of Puyo Puyo - Puyo Puyo
Ringo: Final Battle - Puyo Puyo 7
Miku: Rolling Girl - Hatsune Miku (Edited)
Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Boo, Shy Guy, Donkey Kong: Starman - Mario Kart 64
Kirby, Meta Knight: Star Candy - Kirby's Dream Land 3
Captain Falcon: Goal Results - F-Zero X
Vic Viper: Cosmo Plant - Gradius III [REPLACED IN R2]
Blue Water, Blue Sky - Guilty Gear X Advance Edition
Shovel Knight: Shovel Knight Medley - Rivals of Aether
Sans: The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans - Undertale
Jevil: THE WORLD REVOLTING - Deltarune
Pepsiman: PEPSI MAN remix
Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff: Death Egg's Eye - Sonic the Fighters [REPLACED IN R2]

Release 2:
Foot Sonic:
Invincible - Sonic Robo Blast 2
HMS123311: Hyper Mystic Sonic's Theme
Sonic's Shoes: Main Menu - NBA Jam (SNES) (Edited)
Toei Sonic: Speed Shoes - Sonic CD (Prototype 510)
Omochao: Invincibility - Sonic Adventure
Bean, Bark: Death Egg's Eye - Sonic the Fighters
Tangle: Simple Rating - Street Fighter 3 Alpha (Edited)
Outrun Tessla Rossa: Splash Wave - (Sega Ages) Outrun (Edited)
Dynamite Headdy: Escape Hero (Short Version) - Dynamite Headdy (Edited)
VMU: Unused Jingle - Sonic Adventure
Amitie: Endless Fever - Puyo Pop Fever
Persona 5 Cast: Life Will Change (Instrumental) (Edited)
Mr. Game & Watch: Octopus (Modern Mode) - Game & Watch Gallery 4 (Edited)
Pac-Man: Roarning Noisily - Pac-Man Arrangement
Vic Viper: Lucky Zone - Gradius III
Pulseman: Super Target - Pulseman
Geo: Moving Scene - Megaman Starforce (Edited)
Sonia: WBG Studios - Megaman Starforce 3 (Edited) Khonjin, Gino: More Stronger - Street Fighter EX 3 (Edited)
Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff the Movie.avi
Devion: Fill It Up - NASCAR Arcade (Edited)

Release 2.5:
The Hornet:
Let's Go Away - Daytona USA

Release 3:
Invincibility - Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)
Professor Asobin: Sehagaga Ganbacchau! - SEGA Hard Girls
T.T.: T.T's Theme Song - Diddy Kong Racing
Bonk, T: Power-Up - Bonk's Adventure
Noob: Tsunami (Jay Cosmic Remix) - DVBBS & Borgeous

Release 3.5:
King K. Rool:
Crocodile Cacophony - Donkey Kong Country 2 (Edited)
Ness: Magicant (Earthbound Remix) - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Lucas: Open Sesame Tofu! - Mother 3
Inkling: One Minute Remaining! - Splatoon (Edited)
Roll: Theme of Roll (Asia Version) - Marvel vs. Capcom (Edited)
Bomberman: Bombing Melee (Critical) - Super Bomberman 5
Freedom Planet Cast: I Am Invincible! - Freedom Planet

Release 4:
Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Edited)
AoSTH Robotnik: Panic! - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Black Doom: Shadow's Invincible Theme - Sonic Megamix 4.0
Popoi: The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend - Puyo Pop Fever
Mega Man, Protoman, Bass, Duo, Wily: Wily Capsule - Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
Crash Bandicoot: Invincibility (Aku Aku) - Crash Team Racing
Plok: Boxing Glove - Plok!
Shantae: Run Run Rottytops! - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Release 5:
Force Addiction - Yakuza 0
Beat: Grace & Glory - Jet Set Radio
Sakura: Minigame - Sakura Wars (Dreamcast)
Vyse: Vyse's Theme - Skies of Arcadia
Doomguy: E1M1 - DooM
(this file is also included in the .zip for people who wanna look through it offline)

Update #1 - Version 2
- Sonic's theme was made Stereo again as putting it on Mono made it sound too off.
- Ringo's theme was implemented, but I suppose I guessed wrong in her skin name so that's fixed.
- Vic Viper and Sweet Bro & Hella Jeff (latter's got transferred over to 2 potential characters).
- Tons of new themes were added (check ThemesList for the new stuff)
- Themes that had to be modified (essentially sped up or cut) are tagged as such in both this thread and the text file in the zip.

Update #2 - Version 2.5
- Dynamite Headdy's should play for real this time.
- The Hornet was added to the selection of compatible characters (done by LatiusAuro).
- A bunch of songs were fixed to be properly looped and so forth (done by LatiusAuro).
- The bug where the Map Start sound would play a split second after the race starts has been finally killed (done by LatiusAuro).

Update #3 - Version 3
- The Persona 5 characters now use their proper theme and not the Puyo one.
- The code has been entirely overhauled thanks to ampersand, using a table for all the themes to therefore streamline the script.
- New themes were added, check ThemesList for that.

Update #4 - Version 3.5
- Sonia's entry should actually be useable now with the now-released Sonia Strumm WAD.
- Persona 5's entries have been expanded upon and accounted for every normal/Phantom Thieves name if and in the event.
- The SEGA Hard Girls now are listed on the ThemesList.txt.
- New themes for more characters, listed in ThemesList.txt or above in the thread.
- Shortened and compressed most of the entries, some use completely different loops now too.

Update #5 - Version 4
- New themes, listed in ThemesList.txt as per usual
- Sonic's theme was given a boost in quality
- We're now using the .pk3 format!

Update #6 - LITE Version
- Since it's obvious that it will be a much harder time the longer I wait to update given the intense amount of characters being released at a time... I've decided to release a LITE version which only contains entries for the original 5 characters (no slips of any potential future characters until it happens). This is hopefully to combat the Forum's rules on no slight modifications of existing mods. I hope this can appeal to people who were wanting entries added but refused to loop the tracks themselves.

- No official cancellation of the standard version, as I still would like to personally add onto it later on but this is hopefully to allow for better customization as I've definitely been adding some biased (and potentially lazy) picks for some of these characters.

As of version 5, this is no longer necessary as the LITE version is default.

Update #6 - Version 5 (Do-It-Yourself Update)
This update was primarily handled by Cactus Fantastico who provided a few things.
- The split-screen bug that has plagued this mod since the beginning has been rid of.
- Additional entries added for the new BonusChars.
- You can now easily make your own custom builds of MegamixThemes thanks to a script that was used from Tyrone's hornmod.
- Because of these updates, the LITE version has become the default version only containing the 5 base characters. However to compensate and to also help out those who are not used to this change, another file exists which has additional entries for the BonusChars as well as a text file quickly explaining how to build one yourself. On top of all that, I also included a folder with all the now unused entries that can be added back yourself (use older versions as a reference to who's is who's, nothing extra was added that isn't already within an existing file).

Update #6.5 - Do-It-Yourself Hotfix
- Quick hotfix in the BONUS file to use the correct table.

Update #7 - Cactus Fix
This update was primarily handled by Cactus Fantastico who provided this fix:
- Fixed a bug where the music would override victory/defeat music, now stopping the music at the end of a race.

Supporters / Co-Authors:


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The mod is welcome to releases, and its good stuff and all, but... Is something weird going on with Sonic's own? Something about it seems... off. I also tested as many as I could, though I didn't test them all. Hopefully, I'm not missing any potential issues.

Also, friggin' anything is better than hearing S3&K Invincibility for the millionth time. I swear, I'm gonna end up making a personal music pack with one of these tunes just to replace it, I've grown so sick of hearing it double as the S3&K Super tune for all these years... Thanks for doin' most of the work for folks like me!
I have done a few tests on it myself and I didn't seem to notice anything off with Sonic's, when I get the chance I'll check it out but tmk his seemed to work pretty well.
Hmm. Speaking of Ray, is there a Ray mod out there that's done or at least almost done?
I should've probably mentioned this, some of the characters listed don't have a WAD yet, they're just there to prevent me from having to update this all the time when only 1-2 characters got made. Now I can put in placeholder tunes for several characters and just hope someday they get used. Granted, a lot of the ones currently are characters that I've seen a ton of progress in/have enough faith in the creator to actually finish them.
That looks awesome! (or sounds awesome, as the case may be, heh) I could so imagine my racer T using the invincibility theme from Bonk's Adventure/Bonk 3 with something like this, as much as I love the rush that the default invincibility music brings.
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Well if I'm allowed to make a suggestion then I'm just going to do a shameless plug and suggest Headdy -

I was actaully saying to some of my friends before this came out that there should be a mod like this and I'm really happy I wasn't the only one who thought that, I was able to play around a bit with this and was lucky enough to encounter one of the themes and it made me a lot happier then it probably should have heh.
A new update has arrived, check the thread for details. Also for the sake of archival, I won't be deleting previous versions for this mod since I do changes such as swap out songs which may not be favored to some. Unlike the other mods I made where I feel the modifications made are definitely for the best.
A new mini update has been done, mostly thanks to LatiusAuro who helped do some fixes.

Update #2 - Version 2.5
- Dynamite Headdy's should play for real this time
- The Hornet was added to the selection of compatible characters (done by LatiusAuro)
- A bunch of songs were fixed to be properly looped and so forth (done by LatiusAuro)
- The bug where the Map Start sound would play a split second after the race starts has been finally killed (done by LatiusAuro)

I also forgot to note one other fix I did in Version 2 but the thread mentions it at the very least.
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I'll eventually get to some characters, it seems that even after trying to gather up characters I knew were getting released in the coming days only caused some random characters to show up so that's more to add to the list. Especially if someday I do eventually separate some characters who share a theme. Ness/Lucas are on the list for next update but I'll get to them when I can.

For now, I did do some updates to the thread. Mainly to the Themes List that'll be noted in the text file for next version:
- Flicky is now listed in the thread
- All the tracks pulled from Sonic Megamix now have extra notes listing the original song's name

Also, I put a little word of advice in the thread too for requests. Don't be turned off on requests, just understand that when there's a good couple people making replies I won't always just reply to every single one of them right off as it uses up a little too much time as things build up.
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As long as you're open to requests for characters already released, I have in mind a good one for my character, T:

Part of my inspiration for him (well, mostly the two strands of hair on the back of his head) came from Bonk's Adventure, where the titular character had them before there wasn't a single hair on his dome afterward in later games. And I LOVE the Invincibility granted by delicious Meat from those games. For the life of me, I could not find a video of it, but it's right here:

Best of all it lasts 10 seconds, just the right length of time for invincibility anyway.

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