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What am I doing here?
I just needed to know when it ended... but well, thanks. You could just say "it ends tomorrow 7 pm". I'm downloading now because I couldn't download it before, and it's time to vote ^^


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Single Player Votes

Wood Asleep - 2
It’s clear that atmosphere was clearly a priority during the production of this map, however despite an intriguing opening the focus on atmosphere impeded on the game play of the map as a direct result of that long boring forest.
I would also like to point that out that the atmosphere serves as an excellent build up, which would be nice if there was a climax to this build up. Unfortunately, the map suddenly ends without warning leaving the player feeling confused and rather annoyed.

Colossal Castle Zone - 5
Slowly jumping up a dozen sets of stairs does not a fun map make :(
This map has lots of interesting ideas, counter-balanced with bad ones or poor execution. The mid-boss was interesting and a clever idea however which for the most part I rather liked. However, as an issue I feel should be mentioned, and I understand that this boss was intended to be a puzzle, the placement for the button should be clearer.
While the theme for this stage was an interesting concept, the floatiness that comes about from being shrunk noly served to annoy me and as almost everything else in the map was shrunk down. I felt that this gimmick was not explored enough and didn’t quite reach its full potential. On the topic of theming however, I was a little bit disappointed when the castle theme was removed in favour of an Aerial Garden Theme near the end of the map. If that was intended to look like castle ramparts or towers, it didn’t come across as such clearly.
There’s also a serious issue with the cryptic nature of some of your puzzles (such as doors opening in rooms the player has already been through) and that the effects of the gargoyle monitor were not fully explained to the player. As a whole, I would be wary of using the gargoyle monitor as it’s quite possible that a player could run out of monitors and render the map impossible to complete.

Grassy Cliffs - 0
Crashes upon loading, 0/10
But, after loading this map up in Doom Builder and playing it. It’s apparent that despite an honest effort to create a short and interesting map you still have a lot to learn about what is acceptable level design. The scale for the map was much too small and leaves the player feeling boxed in as the map is rather cramped. The boss at the end of the map isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it offers nothing to the level. It does not feel like a suitable climax for a level with such a calm serene atmosphere and the boss itself brings nothing new to the game that a player hasn’t seen before.

Windmill Hill Zone - 4
This map is rather basic. So okay it was average in fact, very little about the level stood out for me. However one gimmick of the level that particularly annoyed me was the windmills and the fact that standing in front of them lifts the player into the air without any visual indication why this happens. Especially annoying as on my first playthrough I accidentally flung myself into a pit as I didn’t expect walking near a windmill to fling me into the air.
Aside from that, while I’m not a fan of the school of level design that encourages death pits below the player at all times, there was very little that impressed me and very little that disappointed me as well.

Clockwork Grove - 7
The custom things used for scenery and enemy placement was creative and a pleasure to see, however the custom enemy, while interesting and well animated, didn’t seem to contribute much to the map, these enemies could be replaced with crawlas the map would play almost the same.
It was nice to see vertical platforming segments in a level, however the layouts often lead to players falling down due to confusion and having to climb up again. A prime example of this is when the player makes dirt fall down to enable a flower to bloom, the player will smash the dirt from the ceiling and will fall because they were following the sign instructing them to do this very thing. Only to discover that they need to repeat the climb up to reach the now bloomed flower. There were similar issues that come from a lack of direction throughout most of the map, such as when the player pushes a button to turn night into day and, without any prompting to jump down to the bottom floor of the area they just climbed up from, search for a hole in the tree.

Wonder Terrace Zone - 6
That music is delicious. I approve of it.
My tastes in music aside however, while I enjoyed the structure of the map I felt that the player goes for too long without access to a starpost at the start of the map. Resulting in frustration if the player dies during the last section needed to bring the elevator down.
The hub areas where the sections of the level are accessed appear to need some difficulty balancing as well, largely because the first hub area is more dangerous than all the others with more opportunities for the player to fall into instant death pits and badniks.
I would also like to use this space to say, climbing up the lava waterfall was horribly executed and was very frustrating, really. Oh god, finding that I couldn’t jump up to the next platform because lady luck decided not to spawn a platform where I needed it to be was horrible and wasted my time (and rings).

Splash Garden Zone Act 1 - 7
There are lots and lots of problems with SRB2’s 2D mode, without a doubt. However for the most part, your level design is able to combat these issues by not springing sudden traps in front of the player after encouraging them to run forwards, as many 2D maps seem to do.
That aside, I felt that the horizontal springs were buggy and frustrating to use, really I think the map would have been better off if they just weren’t in the level. Also I noticed some consistency errors with the design on floating platforms that collapse and those that don’t.
The custom sprites, textures and enemies were very nice though. I didn’t feel that the spring turtles were really used to their full potential though. With no secrets that require their use like in your beach themed level that used them as well.


>WTB lamp oil
Multiplayer Votes

*cut* because some people don't understand the humor in ridiculous and unnecessary pomp and ceremony.
-signed, Charybdizs Esquire

Cold Cavern by jloy1
Score - 4/10 - Mediocre
The first time I really played this map, it was with Mr. Mystery. He said something about camping on the level, which didn't make much sense to me, it not being CTF or anything. After a while, I was wondering why he kept standing in the center. THAT was when he told me to look at the scores. Certainly an interesting idea you have there, the whole king of the hill game, but the rest of the level is so lame I can't give it more points. I think that idea can probably be executed better. Oh, and did you know the map is missing some weapon panels, and Emerald Spawn Points?

Zoom Ship Zone by Katmint
Score - 5/10 - Average
Now this is REALLY a cool idea that wasn't executed properly. The whole airship theme in itself is amazing. The first time I hopped out onto the outside of the ship, I got pushed by the wind, and went flying out into... Death. :(
After I realized what was going on though, it wasn't hard. The few times I did get pushed off in mid flight, though, I was able to make epic strafe flying recoveries. :}
However, a cool idea isn't everything, and otherwise, this level is lacking in a lot. For one, it's
very hard to get anywhere on the top of the level, once you're on the front part, you have no option to go anywhere except back inside, from what I could tell. You can't get on to a lot of the wings, or the top of the cabin. On the inside, you have a ton of random death pits sprinkled everywhere, and where there isn't those, you have pits of non-colormapped oil or weird grater things that look like floors but they hurt you. Speaking of those... They may be original, but there is a reason they weren't invented before. You fall through them, lose your rings... And if you don't hurry back through it and grab them again, you get hurt on the way up? Not fun.
Overall, this level is OK, and I enjoyed playing it a lot, but it would need a LOT of work to become "good".

Rush Flower Zone by KO.T.E
Score - 7/10 - Good
A rush zone, huh? For a rush zone, it's really not bad. It's certainly nothing great, but it's not too shabby. All the weapon rings are very easy to get though, which could result in a LOT of bombs flying... Kind of a boring layout in this map, there was never a point where I was like really impressed by anything. It was still fun though, and easily the best of the Match division.

Capture the Flag:
Damp Campus Zone by Fawfulfan
Score - 6/10- Decent
You really do love your FOF's, huh Fawfulfan? Perhaps a little too much. The whole courtyard with the windows lagged very badly, to a point where I had to look at the floor to run through it. That was really the only problem with it though. The decoration was wonderful, especially the study room. The whole thing just gave off such an awesome feel, it almost made me want to go to college! Nah, not quite. :p
The weapon rings were placed well, some of them being harder to get than others, but I'm not sure about the explosion ring right next to the base... That's one of the most sought after weapons, so I don't know if that's a good place to put it. I had some trouble finding all the emeralds too... It always seemed like I could find 6 but not 7. Hmm... I'd rate it higher, but the lag alone is a good reason not to.

Cold Sea Zone by Katmint
Score – 3/10 - Bad
This level brings back bad memories... Of being teamed up on by two people and pwned into oblivion. Heheh, at least I put up a good fight!
*Katmint has picked up the Blue Flag*
5 seconds later
*Katmint has captured the Blue Flag*
Charybdizs: “Wait... How'd you just do that?”
Katmint: “Do what? I ran back to my base and captured the flag!”
Charybdizs: “...Nevermind.”

*That was an approximated conversation, I don't have the original words.

And then, when I closed the server, I took a look back at the IRC conversations I had missed, and saw Katmint bragging about fooling me with the teleporters. XD
Now, levelwise? This really isn't that great. The bases are in plain sight of eac other, which can lead to the inevitable sniping each other back and forth, which isn't necessarily good. The way to get up to the bases is kind of funky, what with having to hit the springs from the right angle or risk falling back down into the water. That resulted in me getting hit a lot more than was needful. He ground itself was kind of weird, what with all the random rocks and chunks of ice spattered everywhere, it felt like you really didn't know what to put around, so you just filled it with random crap. I thought the white colormap was pretty interesting, it definitely gave it a cold feel, but... I dunno, something about it felt tacky to me, I'm sorry I don't know what.

Volcanic Shelter Zone by Kuba11
Score - 8/10 - Great
Sadly, for this being the most impressive of all the CTF entries, I was hardly able to play a serious game in it. I did spend a lot of time exploring the level, though. A lot of interesting tricks in here, one that stuck out was the hollow rock on the ceiling. That was just something entirely unique that alone made the level seem interesting to me. Also, the pulsating light. First time I've seen that used in such a way. Maybe there's a reason though, it was kind of confusing looking, and ultimately unpleasant. Over all, it was a fairly decent map from what I saw, with lots of unique ideas. The only really bad thing I can say about it is that, just like in Katmint's Cold Sea, the springs to reach the base platforms send you hurtling into the lavafall if you don't get on the little strip of dirt behind them, and come at them from that angle. I understand that it may be a trick to stop the flag carrier from reaching the base really fast, but... It's not a very good one.

Misty Mire Zone by Charybdizs
Score - X/10 - Fail
First things first... I want to apologize for this map.
I should never have submitted it in it's current state at all. It happened that I didn't really have enough time to completely finish it, so in the last two hours before the deadline, I crammed, and that negligence of mine resulted in problems such as:
1: The Blue Flag Capture not working the second time around.
(The reason I didn't catch this one was because it happened only the second time one captured a flag, and I only tried it once, not thinking I'd need to do more.)
2: The complete lack of team rings.
(Completely forgot these due to rushing.)
3: The somewhat rushed placement of Strong Random Monitors.
(Same as above.)
4: The embarrassing vines.
(Due to a last minute ceiling change to reduce lag. I forgot that it would mess up the middle textures. :/ )
5: The complete lack of any mist at all. After all, it was named “Misty Mire”
(This was just something I completely forgot.)
6: A team monitor at the bottom of the mud. :} Metal Rawr pointed that one out to me.
(That was one I had placed there temporarily, just to browse the things menu with, but I forgot to delete it.)

And that's all I can think of at the moment.
This level could have had a lot of potential if I had been willing to wait till next contest to finish it, but I was a fool and rushed it. Never again am I going to make that mistake.

Sparkling Abyss Zone by Katmint
Score - 2/10 - Awful
Ok, AWESOME idea here. HORRIBLE execution. Despite the cool idea using the bottomless pits, it was a really horrible map. For one thing, the fact that you stopped every time you hit the teleporters. I understand what your reasoning was for this, after talking to you on IRC, though. The only way I can think of to get around this would have been to put some kind of wind or something in there, to keep you from going to fast. Ignoring the somewhat broken teleports, though, the level is terribly boring. Just a bunch of simple halls and stairs, with some rainbows that turn you... White? The stairs are a pain in the butt to climb, I've noticed you make excessively high steps in your levels, which not only breaks the flow of a level, makes people tired of constantly hitting the jump button over and over again. I noticed you had a similar problem with stairs in Colossal Castle too, but that's a different issue. And, DSZ textures are b-o-o-o-ring. And overused.

Acid Valley Zone by Miles Knuckle Power

Score - 4/10 - Mediocre
For a beginner level maker, this isn't really that terrible. You used quite a few interesting concepts in it, which made it interesting for me to go through. The theme was mediocre, not really very interesting, Just lots of dead grass and acid. Nevertheless, I had a fairly fun time playing this map. The big fail of this map was the falling platforms, but I believe you already know that! :p The stairs with the springs were kind of boring, too, and got on my nerves a lot.
One thing I found hilarious: The two pits on the sides of the (lo-o-ong)zoom tube. When I first came to this, I looked back and forth between the pits, and decided which one to jump in to.
“Hmm... This one.”
“Really? I'll try the other one.”
*Sees cleverly disguised hole in the wall*
After this, I found it muchly humorous to move back against the wall, and watch others make the same mistake, and plunge to their death. >:)

Volcanic Shelter Zone was my favorite map out of all of them!

I'm not voting on Single Player, as I won't have time, but I just need to say to all of the entries: Awesome Job! I had a lot of fun playing all of them, especially Clockwork Grove.

Now I can't wait to win in the next contest! :p Yeah right!
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*Katmint has picked up the Blue Flag*
5 seconds later
*Katmint has captured the Blue Flag*
Charybdizs: “Wait... How'd you just do that?”
Katmint: “Do what? I ran back to my base and captured the flag!”
Charybdizs: “...Nevermind.”

*That was an approximated conversation, I don't have the original words.

And then, when I closed the server, I took a look back at the IRC conversations I had missed, and saw Katmint bragging about fooling me with the teleporters. XD
You misunderstood something somewhere. :P That time you were confused was way before the teleport happened, I had just spindash jumped off the base and had a Whirlwind Shield so it took a lot less time to get there. The teleport was later, and I wasn't bragging about that, just saying that it was funny I wound up teleported right at the flag capture. :P I was confused why you were acting that way in IRC, I didn't know I had confused you. :x

(There is a supposed to be another quote here, but the quote tags are bugging up)

The rainbows turn you each color, not white, your thok/spin trail does turn white though, I'm not sure why it does that...
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>WTB lamp oil
Ahaha, really? I didn't catch that. You said the teleport happened later though... If that wasn't it, what was the teleport then? Were you referring to Sparkling Abyss?

The rainbows turn you each color, not white, your thok/spin trail does turn white though, I'm not sure why it does that...

Hmm... Now that I test it again, you're right. All I know is that the first time I played it, it DID turn me white. I remember standing still in it, and typing a message about how weird it was. I kind of figured it was something you did intentionally, you know, like all the colors melded together to make white light. I dunno why it wasn't working then.

EDIT: After testing, it's possible that I could have had a shield then, but I don't think that was the case.


Well Mystic is the one who posted the results in the last OLDC so I'm pretty sure he will keep doing it until they get someone else to.

Sergeant Brown

An Eggman Fan
But who will back up Prime if he's not available? *DUN DUN DUN*:P

Anyway, I played the SP maps, but much to my demise I will not be able to post my results in time. Not that it'd matter anyway...

This SP OLDC had quite some variations in terms of reviewing. Some were made of win, some made me go around the map looking for any possible clue to get through the act, some made me look like I was playing a Metal Gear Solid game and some were unplayable cause I was blocked at some point or that the game just didn't want to load the map.

But oh wait, I'm actually starting a review now aren't I? Well, guess I gotta do it then.

Wood Asleep (or Sleepy Woods): 6/10

Quite honestly I liked the first half of the stage, if not the 2/3 of it. You run away from the enemy by busting right through the house, and then silently sneak past the "snipers" in the woods outside of that house. It really had the feel of a MGS game (and by god I love those games.) -not really the feel of a Sonic game but hey, the community shouldn't be all about Sonic right? Problem is the tree section. I also liked that part, except it kept dragging a bit too much for me. Plus it was so dark I could barely see them. Next time, add more light to places like these.

Colossal Castle: 0/10
So here's what I saw in the stage: Huge stairs, 2 doors I couldn't open and 3 boxes that served no purpose whatsoever. Sorry, I'd like to give you a better note, just I really didn't find what I had to do at that point.

Grassy Cliffs: 0/10
"hurr hurr can't load stage for some reason, derp"
And to be honest I didn't bother to dowload Doombuilder for just that map.

Windmill Hill: 4/10
I found that it didn't look like it was finished: Barely any enemies, no information on why or even HOW do those windmills push you upwards, heck I thought this was for 2D and not for 3D. I did however liked the windmills, regardless of their gimmick, as Eye Candy.

Clockwork Grove: 7/10
Sorry man, but those moving eye candies were too much for my eyes to bear. Quite Frankly, I most of the time thought they were enemies, so I always kept messing up and getting hit later on. I also could barely find my way out of this jungle. But otherwise, it was quite the impressive eye candy.

Wonder Terrace: 8/10
I liked a lot about this place: so many good visual gimmicks and not as abusing as the last map. That's actually all I have to say.

Splash Garden: 9/10
You sir definitively won in this eye-candy contest. So many visual grounds to look at, so many things to see; to the point that I was speechless when I finished the act. Unfortunately (Yes, UNFORTUNATELY), the 2D controls made platforming, especially on those little platforms, quite hard. But otherwise, congratulations.

So anyway, that's it. Goodbye, have fun, and sorry to have kept ya waiting.

EDIT: Also, 500th post for the awesum win :D
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The Daily Browser
Single Player:
Wood Asleep by Internet Explorer 2/10

This level looked like it had at the start potential but wounds up falling short.
The visuals are there for the most part like others said but there is not really anything enjoyable in the levels. Even though the level design in Golden Palace Zone was lacking in some parts, it still had somethings that made it a bit interesting and fun. In this level there is not really much to talk about since it was a very short level to get through.

I highly suggest having a beta for people that will give you constructive criticism or at least try to work on making improvements to future levels playability by referring to levels that were praised for what made them play well. Like I said before, the visuals are there, but the level design needs more work.

Colossal Castle Zone by Katmint 4/10

It is hard to figure out some of the puzzles but eventually when you figured what you had to do the level starts to pick up.

Grassy Cliffs by NeroTheArmadillo 0/10

Windmill Hill Zone by Ultimate 5/10

This level plays pretty well, but it really is pretty much devoid of a lot to talk about. The best use of the

Clockwork Grove by Thompson 10/10

This level by far was the best one in the contest. I really enjoyed the gimmicks that were in the level, they made things very enjoyable, like the gargoyle puzzles you used they are most definitely one of my favorite parts of this level because they are very creative.

The visual of the whole level was a big improvement over the previous level overall.

Wonder Terrace Zone by BlazeFan1 5/10

It certainly was an interesting concept, but the different paths you have to take needed more work. It is very punishing messing up on one of the different paths you could make before and after the first checkpoint since you would have to redo all of the 4 then 3 parts again.

In the first set of choices are pretty dull for the most part, there is not really much to say about them except they have a few of the most annoying parts for Sonic, like the lava room for instance, sometimes the falling platforms show up close enough for you to progress and sometimes they do not which really slows up playing through the level . My favorite room is actually the turrent in the second set of paths, but even that needs

Splash Garden Zone Act 1 by Blade 6/10

This level looked really nice but the gameplay was very mediocre. I really like how you added the Buzz Bomber and Springy Shell from Sapphire Coast Zone to this level since they fit in very well. The only minor complaint about the enemy placement is in the areas you need the Springy Shell to get to the upper parts of the level since either they get accidently by you or the Buzzbomber.
I really like the inclusions of the horozontal spring, but they really are buggy or something because of the fact you can get stuck in them a lot of the times, I really would like to see fixed horozontal springs in Srb2 eventually.

The platforming for the most part was very enjoyable while at the same time it did not really do much more for the stage. This level was too linear, even for a first stage. There most defenitely needs to be more alternate routes in the level. The top path was not worth making an attempt to stay on unless you wanted to get a shield you probably will not even need or get through the level quickly.

I was actually expecting a bit more from this level, especially after seeing how great a couple of your other levels were. I did enjoy playing through this level, truthfully just not as much as I did with your other levels.

The descriptions are still incomplete, I will come back to them when I have enough time.
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Graphic & Sprite Modder.
Am I too late?

Single Player Votes
Wood Asleep - 1/10

While it did have a creepy feeling to it, the level itself isn't really that fun. Too open wide, and not to mention it breaks software mode in some places, that's pretty much all I can say about it.

P.S. You DON'T need to add my old graphics into every Single-Player contest WAD together.


Colossal Castle Zone - 3/10
Let me tell you this, jumping up big giant steps is not fun. -_-

I honestly didn't get what the Gargoyle Monitors do, I pop them then I stare at the floating Icon and... I just thought. *What am I suppose to do here?* I gave up at one point but later on I gave it a try and just now I figured what they do. To be honest... can you PLEASE explain next time so the player doesn't end up getting stuck next time?

Also... why is everything shrunk down in this map? I don't get it.


Grassy Cliffs - 0/10
Crashes upon loading, and I shouldn't need to use Doom Builder to play the map, this is a Official Level Design Contest, right? Make sure your map works before submitting it.


Windmill Hill Zone - 4/10
Hmm... seems decent, however I wasn't expecting the Windmill to fling me into the air and so I was met with a nice death at first.

Also... there were some times where I was lifting in the air and I find out that I fall and die, I don't recall which part this was at, I think it was near a checkpoint or something. I don't know what else to say about this, other than Knuckles breaks the level.


Clockwork Grove - 8/10
Oh hey, a good map. This one I have to say was enjoyable, however there were a few issues that kept it from being scored higher.

I got confused with the part where you shrink down, as there's a tunnel there and I was thinking. "Oh look, a secret." but it turns out I couldn't figure out how to go further and I drowned.

After hitting the Sun switch, a big tree grows, and it kinda took me some time to figure out what to do after that. I didn't know you have to look for a opening in the tree, as I though you had to be on TOP of the tree.

A purple Flower bulb at one point seems to be glitchy at times, unless... I'm doing it wrong or something.


Wonder Terrace Zone - 5/10
I'm sorry but it can be quite annoying if you happen to die if your on the last section of some places, which forces you to redo them.

While it might not be annoying for some, it's just... well, you know.

Also... the Lava Room was painful... dang platforms...


Splash Garden Zone Act 1 - 7/10
While 2D Mode has it's issues, I found this map fun to play. However... it seems the Horizontal springs are... how should I say, broken? And also... gotta like it when they launch you backwards like in any other Sonic game, which I think one of them had this.

Oh and the Buzz Bombers... asdfg.


Hopefully I'm not late.
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Mr. Mystery

Temporary results. Two peoples' votes were excluded due to not voting on particular maps, and Daywalker & SonicX8000 were late.

X = Creator vote
(#) = Nullified vote

Single Player:
Wood Asleep by Internet Explorer - 3.71
3 4 3 5 3 4 3 4 (2) 3 3 X 6 4 4 4 2 2 6
Colossal Castle Zone by Katmint - 3.41
3 6 1 2 2 4 2 3 X 3 3 5 6 3 3 3 4 5 (0)
Grassy Cliffs by NeroTheArmadillo - 0.68
0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 3 0 2 4 0 0 0 0
Windmill Hill Zone by Ultimate - 4.83
4 6 4 4 4 6 4 6 (3) 4 4 6 5 7 X 5 5 4 4
Clockwork Grove by Thompson - 7.76
(7) 8 7 8 8 X 8 8 8 7 7 8 8 8 9 8 8 7 7

Wonder Terrace Zone by BlazeFan1 - 6.35
5 5 5 7 5 5 10 (4) 5 X 6 10 7 5 7 5 7 6 8
Splash Garden Zone Act 1 by Blade - 7.52
X 7 10 7 7 8 7 9 6 (5) 9 9 7 7 8 6 5 7 9

Cold Cavern by jloy1 - 2.76
4 3 3 1 3 2 3 2 6 2 1 2 4
Zoom Ship Zone by Katmint - 4.09
3 4 4 X 3 4 (1) 1 8 3 7 3 5
Rush Flower Zone by KO.T.E - 5.82
5 7 X 6 7 6 (4) 4 6 5 6 5 7

Capture the Flag:
Damp Campus Zone by Fawfulfan - 6.88
5 7 5 (4) X 8 9 7 8 7 6

Cold Sea Zone by Katmint - 3.89
4 5 3 X 3 4 2 4 (1) 7 3
Volcanic Shelter Zone by Kuba11 - 6.18
6 6 8 5 5 6 5 7 5 7 8
Misty Mire Zone by Charybdizs - 2.67
7 (0) 3 0 4 0 0 5 3 2 X

Sparkling Abyss Zone by Katmint - 3.50
4 4 X (2) 3 2 3 4 5 4 4 2
Acid Valley Zone by Miles Knuckle Power - 3.91
5 3 2 3 3 4 4 4 7 7 1 4

(X) below = excluded votes

Scizor300 http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702563&postcount=8
Blade http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702565&postcount=9
Ezer.Arch http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702572&postcount=10
KO.T.E http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702575&postcount=13
(X) Simsmagic http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702576&postcount=14
Katmint http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702580&postcount=17
Fawfulfan http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702583&postcount=18
Bbop800 http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702592&postcount=22
Mystic http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702594&postcount=24
Thompson http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702605&postcount=27
Yoshi http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702630&postcount=36
(X) Miles Knuckle Power http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702633&postcount=39
*Steel* http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702640&postcount=42
Katmint (SP) http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702646&postcount=45
BlazeFan1 http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702650&postcount=46
Chrome http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702691&postcount=53
Internet Explorer http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702724&postcount=57
Internet Explorer (Colossal Castle/Race/Match) http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702870&postcount=77
Metal-Rawr http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702731&postcount=60
Rei http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702845&postcount=73
BlueZero4 http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702855&postcount=75
Ultimate http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702930&postcount=88
SpiritCrusher http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702968&postcount=90
Spherallic http://mb.srb2.org/showpost.php?p=702970&postcount=91
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You sir definitively won in this eye-candy contest. So many visual grounds to look at, so many things to see; to the point that I was speechless when I finished the act.
Please be as unbiased as possible for the author or the look of the map. It's all about how good the map plays, nothing else.

tl;dr: This is a contest for level design, not level decoration. Looks do not count at all.
I'm pretty sure you rated the levels the wrong way.


Tell us the reason and we're all happy. ;)

1. Super Form in such a small area is over-powering.
2. Scatter Rings and Bomb Rings may have worked, but then it is too crowded in the level then.

Those are my reasons, I'm certain that they are valid ones too.

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Well actually, there was nothing much for me to say about that one map other than the graphics. Level-wise, I'd compare it to GFZ2: A breeze to get through the act, but so much to look at.

Plus I'd more put that rule of thumb in the MP section, considering it only needs the map to work and play correctly to be a good map, regardless of eye candy.


Still waiting to hear from Mystic whether or not this map will be disqualified for the inclusion of a custom lump (a level select pic).
The inclusion of that image was a mistake I made in the compilation process as I haven't done it in a while, and does not go against him in the slightest. I should have deleted the extra lump but forgot to. His entry is perfectly legal.
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