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This script allows the player to purchase various items and upgrades via an in-game shop at any time, using rings that the player has carried to the end of a level.

It's designed primarily for singleplayer and coop, but it does technically work in other gamemodes.

Update: It's time for an overhaul. The Shop's Upgrade screen has been completely changed, having far more available for purchase, and a few unlockable upgrades as well...


Toss Flag: Open/Close Menu

Jump: Select option/Purchase Item

Spin: Go back to the previous menu

Forward/Back and Strafe/Turn Left/Right: Move through the menus

Variables and Commands:

"ShopBack": Toggles the shop menu background

"shophelp": Tells you all the information you could ever want to know about the shop and it's various functions.

"giverings" Allows you to send Banked Rings to another player.

All relevant Credits are contained within the Credits tab of the shop.


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This is pretty neat, and I think it'd definitely be a fun thing to have a netgame with!

I will note that what you've called the 'barrier' shield is actually named the force shield in code and level editor configurations, so it probably makes sense to change that so people know what the menu's talking about.


Oh, THAT Youtuber...
darnit, someone beat me to it. i was gonna make something like this for Wisps 0.8.
Other than that, it's pretty neat! i'd love to see a better gui for this.


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Wow, I'm using this alot of times now! It will be cool if the player (admin only) can make his custom shop item or upgrades, neat lua, I really like it, useful for servers.
So since this has apparently gotten some new attention, I decided to release a small update. Nothing big, but it at least looks somewhat nicer now.

No promises, but I've got some ideas for a more extensive future update, centered on upgrades...
When I said no promises, I wasn't kidding.


That being said, I also wasn't kidding when I said I had ideas for an update. Nor about putting them into action.

Heavily inspired by Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the Upgrades screen has been completely changed, making it more of a focus than even the item shop that this mostly started as! While I can't say that everything is perfectly balanced (nor that the interface is really the best looking), I did put a lot of work into this, so I hope you enjoy it!

Details and credits are contained entirely within the game itself.


I haven't played this in a while so I'm gonna try it out! BTW, do you have plans to make this compatible with custom characters?
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