Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles script


Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
This script allows Sonic and Knuckles to transform in and out of their hyper forms with custom button 1

Flashing colors
Sparks float around Sonic
"Flash/Nuke Thok"
Ghost images
Breathe underwater and in space

Ghost Images
Breathe underwater and in space
Gliding into a wall and latching onto it kills enemies in the area.

Added abilities for Knuckles
Added Sonic's "Nuke Thok" to an Ability Special hook (less buggy)
Sonic's spintrail changes color with him when he's spinning/charging a spindash
The ability to toggle between Super form and Hyper form with Custom button 1
There are now less Ghost images than before to be more accurate to S3k



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Prime 2.0

Sorry about the pidgeonholing.

Anyways, before this goes through, I'd like to point two things out here:

1: hypersonic isn't supposed to be able to drown
2: there's no flash

Last I did anything with it, the first could be done by constantly setting player.powers[pw_underwater] = 0 and the second can be fixed by adding P_FlashPal(player, PAL_WHITE, [duration in tics]) to your nuke function; in both examples "player" is the player_t of the character who is hyper, not the player mobj.


Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
OK, I'm not sure how I managed to miss both of those features, but they are added now. thank you for the feedback AND the help. I didn't know how to create the flash without using P_BlackOw. So thank you. It is much appreciated.


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Just some bugs to report...

A well timed thok that climbs a ledge can lead to a billion nukes and calls the flashpal *GIF doesn't capture it sadly.* & sound endlessly unless you jump or fall. Was holding down the spin & jump buttons.


Reverse gravity leads to the afterimages being strange. Also you can drown in space.
Also just one more thing to mention, hyper is useable in Match/CTF/etc. and it's quite OP as it'll be a "Whoever gets 7 emeralds wins!" thing and nuke all the players.
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Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
OK, I fixed ALL of those bugs. i hope now that this can get released so i dont have to fix too many more bugs o_o.


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I actually really like how this turned out now that all of the bugs have been fixed. Even though this is probably just my Sonic 3 & Knuckles notalgia kicking in.

I think there's a problem with the after images though, what worked fine in a 2D plane now blocks the players view when viewed from behind, most prominently when jumping. Which is a shame, but not game breaking.


finally, I've been waiting for one to come out, now if only we had a tails and knuckles hyper form, well first you'd have to make them be able to go super in single player, my S3&K nostalgia is kicking in.
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Oh god. Someone FINNALY made Hyper Sonic to be reborn! For these who played Sonic 3 (& Knuckles if you prefer), this, and only this, is what I call "from death to life"!
But if you could, try to make this happen when the player has ALL 8 emeralds, I'm begging you to try, I want to see a REAL Hyper Sonic instead of a replacement, ok?
Other than it, from what I can see, there are some kind lasers or something... Actualy I like it! Recolor looks pretty awesome, you could add more colors!
Well that's it. My review is done, and you could keep that good work.


well we shouldn't ask for that much more, since we're lucky to have this, since when I went to the chat room and asked for someone to make this I got shot down, and they seemed very opposed to making one.
I cannot seem to download this Script because whenever I try to save it to my computer, it pops up as "attachment.php". Please fix the download, and thank you.


I cannot seem to download this Script because whenever I try to save it to my computer, it pops up as "attachment.php". Please fix the download, and thank you.

Are you using Internet Explorer? If you are, switch to Google Chrome.

Larz T

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Although I have one problem with the script is that the colors that Sonic goes through are too dark. Hyper Sonic's colors were more bright but that's not your fault. It's just a silly nitpick.


I just removed a whole bunch of drama about plagiarism from this topic.

Please read this. This is our official policy on how to handle plagiarism.

For the record, we also do not believe there is sufficient evidence at all to back the plagiarism claim that was made in this topic. As far as we can tell, MotdSpork is the rightful author and owner of this script. This is just to reaffirm Mystic's post. Do not bring this up again.
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I actually like how the sparks are handled here instead of in 1.09.4, and I also like how he actually cycles through colors like in Sonic 3 instead of ROYGBIV (every other frame is white). Just makes me wish you could make the colors brighter/more desaturated bubblegum candy colors :V

I shudder the thought of how this would look in 60FPS oh god the seizures.

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