How do you feel about the thok being replaced?

The thing about replacing the thok Is that there really isn't a way you could replace the thok without causing a lot of problems.
You can't just replace It with an existing ability like the drop dash since it doesn't really work with what there going for in 2.3, but you also can't replace It with something like the one shown on #development since you're basically adding 3 new abilities into one character that people who are playing for the first time aren't going to know how to use.
Then have a homing thok. Which is basically SRB2's Homing Attack.
I never knew that, but I feel like it should decelerate quicker, or at least be slower.
Eh, if it were slower it’d be useless, I heard of an idea that it’s speed is based off of your current speed/momentum, but if it were like a tiny jolt forward, it wouldn’t be as useful

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