Hornet from Daytona USA

[Reusable] Hornet from Daytona USA 1.0

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Hornet from Daytona USA is now playable in SRB2 Kart... just not in the way you'd expect.


Hope you guys enjoy not being able to see where you're going.

Thanks to:

  • Jass for the "go away" voice sample along a few ripped Daytona sounds
  • The Great Lange for providing model reference for Hornet and the rest of the sounds used in the mod.


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Nice done dude! uh... how I can say it. But, I'm DISSAPOINT- nah joke. But I was excepting that will drive itself, not on a kart. Anyway, the quality on the sprites are so good. Nice done!


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One of the tallest characters in the roster. A slightly different Knuckles stat-wise, but still with the same miniturbo balance. And... I love it.


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Update in which the mod is exactly the same except it's a PK3 now (thanks to Tiniest Turtles in the Kart Krew discord server), which was kind of warranted given the absurd file size of the mod.


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I surely had a fun by not seeing whats goin' on my front hehe!
Suffering and suffering omg STAHP THROWING EGGMAN ITEMS AT ME!!!!! >:(
Well, its pretty much funny and challenging to play with it.

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