Horizontal wallrunning


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you might want to reference this reusable addon


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I'll warn you then, horizontial wallrunning is a difficult task for many, due to how the DOOM engine is and how detecting walls is still a bit of a blackbox.
So, I'd suggest you reference the reusable work of others, unless you wish to struggle with a lot of concepts in SRB2 Lua that will need to be learned.


You could detect linedefs in regards to player location, but that could be slow. Halfpipe Utils does it by detecting forward momentum vs vertical momentum.
A much bigger problem is that you wouldn't be able to tell if the player is in a launch or run state when touching a wall, because the player only has one angle dimension, and whenever the player is above the floor after previously being on it, and is not jumping, the game registers that as a slope launch.

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