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Hook Ring v3.1 (The Grapple Hook of SRB2)


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Basically, a port of the Hook Ring from version 2.1 now in 2.2.

The 2.1 Hookring Thread: Link

With the hookring, you can take yourself to walls, ceilings, floors and you can also catch other objects and pull them to you or push them back.

"playerscatch (on/off)" - (Used by an admin or server) If it's on, the players are allowed to catch other players with the hookring (default is off).

"allhookring (on/off)" - (Used by an admin or server) If it's off, all the players are not allowed to use the hookring (default is on).

"hookring (on/off)" - If it's off, you disable your hookring (default is on).

"actualhook (on/off)" - (Used by an admin or server) If it's off, by pressing custom 1 after the hook is sent, it vanishes instead of returning. (default is on).

"Custom 1" - By pressing this button, you can throw out your hookring. If the hookring is already out, it removes it (unless "actualhook" is on and the hook returns to its user).

"Custom 2" - By holding this button, you can pull yourself to the point the hook is attached to (it can also be an object).

"Custom 3" - If your hookring is attached to an object, by holding this button, you can pull the object you caught back to you.

v3.1: (Minor Fix) Fixed some valid checks of the hook.

V3: Changed the code of the chain and created new command "actualhook".

V2: Ported to 2.2!

V1: The release!

And just like before, thanks to White T.U for choosing a name for this thing and for testing it, to Airwalker for giving me the idea to do "playerscatch" command, for Sapheros for giving me a hint how to fix the FOFs problem, thanks to Lach for helping me to minimize the lags in netgames and thanks to fickleheart for letting me using her CombiRing code.


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Alright, from my playthrough so far, I found this to be incredibly fun to mess around, even if a little broken.

Playing around with momentum is so fun, it's like what Chaotix tried doing but without having a second character dragging you around. It's super easy to fling yourself across the level and it's so, so FUN! I'd honestly like to see this implemented into a character, though maybe with a few adjustments.


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With this and Werehog's Grapple Punch, we just need sprites to do a Forces Avatar Mod :0


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I had A LOT of fun with this mod, mind you.
I recently discovered that you can also hook into enemies and bosses.
Not sure if it's intentional or a bug, but it's extremely satisfying to do.

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Had a lot of fun messing around with this. If anyone wants my recommendation on what character to use with this, I suggest Silver.


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