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One of the characters i would love to see as a addon in this game, is Hilda from the netflix show known as "Hilda"
She's one of my favorite cartoon characters from netflix, and i want to see a pretty interesting addon where you play as her.

These are the things that i would like to see on her, Her abilities, and gameplay.

She can't run as fast as Sonic can, but she still can run on a pretty fast way. She can't do a spin dash, but she can crawl on the ground to go places that require that, she can even swim underwater thanks to the "Swim Vanilla" that the game has, but she can't drown. Instead of the rings being her life, she has an energy bar composed of a heart, she has 5 health points, and if you lose that, then you will die. And when you go to the special stages she will be ridding the Great Raven from season 1.
When you get 100 rings she can become the troll form of Hilda seen in the movie. In this form she becomes faster, and stronger, as she now has 10 health points in this form, she can jump higher, and make a loud roar to stun badniks, and this also works on bosses. The bad thing is that being made of stone, she can't swim underwater. And even in some levels there are bells that if you get to make them ring transformed the troll form, this will make Hilda start to twist, she will not suffer damage, but she will stop moving until the bell that has been activated stops ringing. This replaces the super form, and you don't need to get the chaos emeralds to get this transformation, to get this transformation you must find 4 magic orbs hidden in some levels, once you find them, you'll be able to transform into this form. And it's not so easy to get, cause you have get 100 rings, and it's not exactly easy to avoid getting hit by enemies, especially in more advanced levels like the Egg Rock zone.

And now her Abilities:

1: By pressing the spindash button she will attack her enemies with the sword she carries in episode 3 of season 2 (The Witch).
2: When you press the custom 1 key, she will crouch, this is useful to dodge certain attacks, and also to crawl on the ground. To crouch, simply hold the crouch button and move with the normal movement buttons.
3: Underwater she can swim, all good there. But you also have some tricks when she is underwater, for example, she can hold her breath longer than the other characters, she can even do some unique attacks underwater.
4: She can even do some magic thanks to the elemental shields, as for example if she has the purple shield she can cast purple orbs when attacking with her sword. Or how about when she uses the water and fire shield, when she possesses it then she can not only breathe under water, and resist fire. But she can also fire and water attacks combined, and somehow the fire she throws doesn't vaporize with the water.
5: And finally there is a monitor that has Twig's face, that if it breaks then we will have Twig as a little companion, he protects us from any threat that tries to attack us, and will accompany us during our adventures, as in the original series. The bad thing is that he can take damage, when receiving three hits, Twig will disappear.

Other extra things is that Hilda can dance if you press Custom 2, this is for when you just want to see her dancing to the theme song you hear in the level you are playing. She can also grab the edges to avoid falling from a high place.

There could also be an addon that serves as a complement to this addon, which serves to change the hud to one similar to the title of the original series, and change the soundtrack of the game for one similar to the original series.

There's my idea for a Hilda mod on Sonic Robo Blast 2! What do you think guys?
Should someone make a mod of this character?
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