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The Gravity Shield from five years ago makes its grand return!

It has seen changes since then, but very little that the player will see - it was mostly tinkering under the hood and edits for consistency with the other shields (did you know? they made all the monitors bigger again).

Much like before, this shield will allow you manipulate gravity, taking you from regular gravity to reverse gravity and back - by pressing Spin while in jumping, natch. Similarly to the Whirlwind Shield, this shield has no passive ability to worry about so just keep switching gravity as much as you want.

The file includes a map (MAPGS - Casino Orrery, it will be the first map if you start a new game and will appear above GFZ1 in a completed save) that serves as a small demostration, and so that there's at least one map in the game that will have Gravity Shield monitors natively - you'll have to use objectplace for other maps. Thankfully, thanks to changes in how that thing works, all you have to do is enter objectplace, go to the previous object once (or a couple times, if you have other addons that also add new things into the game) and badabim badaboom, golden GS monitor ready to go.

  • The bottom-right icon will always display, irrespective of the player's "Show powerups" option selection. As there's currently no way for Lua to grab values from console variables that already exist within the game ("powerupdisplay" in this case), there's no way to fix this.
  • Cancelling a spindash will trigger a gravity switch. Looking at how the source code treats PF_USEDOWN, I don't believe there's a way to fix this. I hope I'm wrong, but for now, be careful with your spindashes if you have harmful ceilings/floors above/below you.
  • Picking up a Pity Shield while having a Gravity Shield on you will make the Pity Shield invisible, but otherwise functional. Who ever picks up Pity Shields when they have something else and why though
  • The shield gets confused when both it and the Gravity Boots are paired up. I don't know why that happens but I find it funny and I think I'll keep it. Still worth mentioning since you can see this in action in the included map.

Oh yeah there was that other announcement... okay yes I give permission for anyone to port this to 2.3 and other future versions provided I don't do it myself... just give credit and etc


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Is this stable? No. Is it fun as peck? Yes.
Basically I managed to become a floating crawla during normal play with this shield (I am unsure how, but I managed to GIF it.)


I don't see how I managed to do these. I'm assuming it has something to do with being in reverse gravity.