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Gametype Helper V1



A simple script that allows players to toggle supported gameplay-modifying addons.

Type SetGametype with no addons and you will be prompted with the arguments and a list of loaded (and supported) gameplay modifying addons. From there, you can type:

SetGametype <Gametype> <Number of rounds>

to set your selected gametype for X rounds.

Want to play more of the current gametype? Simply type

ExtendGametype <Number of rounds>

to extend the gametype that many rounds.
Note that the number of rounds a gametype can be extended to is set by the server using GH_RoundNumMax.

Join a server that had 7 residual rounds of Combi from last session? Enter


to "quit" out of any gametype and return to normal races.
HOSTMOD Integration:
This script is theoretically useful for player-hosted servers, but really shines on dedicated servers without an active host to change gametypes manually. For that reason, certain features are enabled when this addon is loaded alongside HOSTMOD.

Make sure to add
hm_votable "setgametype"; hm_votable "extendgametype"; hm_votable "resetgametype"
to your kartserv.cfg!

Chat Prints​
HOSTMOD's vote feature is extremely useful for changing gametypes.
However, the system in place technically allows for anyone to vote for 9999 rounds of a gametype. While this is obviously handled, players may still get confused.
For that reason, the script prints chat confirmations to notify players whenever the current gametype is being modified in some way.

Gametype Helper also prints reminders in chat every couple rounds that players can vote for their favorite gametype.
While I personally believe that informing the ignorant masses is extremely important (this script doesn't do anything obvious on its own), some server hosts may find this obnoxious, and have the ability to turn down the frequency, or turn the reminder off altogether.
Supported Gametypes:
Known Issues:
  • Some addons are technically supported but not recommended to be loaded yet.
    • Combi will set KartEliminateLast off every tic.
    • Wipezones disables player collisions whether it's toggled on or off.
  • May require further testing in a busy netgame environment.


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Probably Responsible
While I have not been able to test every supported gametype with a wide array of players, I still feel I have good enough faith in this addon to let it into releases.
So, essentially, servers can alter the gametype on the fly without a server restart now? Because that's super cool and a feature I've been quietly hoping for ever since I first experienced the chaos of Combi.


so i just found an issue: after some normal games on a mod if a setgametype command (ae hostmode vote) goes through during map vote it turns the 2nd mod on without turning the first one off