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haya__ submitted a new resource:

FuckPak - 66% hell map ongod fr

"Alert! A shitty map pack has breached containment!"

"The terrible, the legend."

A map pack that contains maps of varying quality. And I do mean varying quality.

"mmmm speed pad" - haya, the creator of this map pack

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This map is gimmick based...

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haya__ updated FuckPak with a new update entry:

Update: Crack

Has it been a week yet???? idk

probably the first *proper* update to this pack, and also gonna be for a while (2 maps in the Flatpack cup are due for this update, but I decided not to. Teehee!)

Another thing, TO PRESERVE LOGAN AND MITSUO'S SANITY, ALL OF THE SHITFUCK CUP MAP HEADERS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO A DIFFERENT SOC. If you want those maps, include the shitmaps.soc file after you load the pack. I am not responsible for any losses in that cup, as all of them...

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haya__ updated FuckPak with a new update entry:


new maps!!!!!!! new shit!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been working a while on this update holy fuck i should take a break holy shit


Basically the same as "Desert Bus R", But shorter, and 50 laps.
Just don't alert the monster in the crowd.

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haya__ updated FuckPak with a new update entry:

FINALE UPDATE - Just in time!

This update is most likely going to be the final update to this absolutely horrid pack. Most likely.
I've shipped over some fixes I've made months ago, plus the new version of GOODTEK I've been making since 4 months ago (I think?), but never finished.

Even in its more vile state, I hope some of y'all continue to absolutely shit on this pack. Happy Karting!

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