Friday Night Funkin' Thread.


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Good Game, The songs are "Fresh" GOTE´M LOL ok no and the mods are basicaly: 99% of the mods are just, SPAMING ARROWS (cof,cof, heckbeats, whitty, tricky, foolhardy, cof,cof) but yea nothing like heck............
Oh boy, you'll love games like osu!mania, stepmania, etterna, quaver, etc.

FNF got me into rhythm games, and I'm grateful for it. I like how the game prefers to ease you in to the mechanics rather than force you spam arrows on your first or second go-around. Can't wait for the harder weeks to come out :^)


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
the game's pretty good, i find myself consistently coming back to it whenever i get bored of sonic robo blast 2 or any other game available. it's a pretty fun time, and at least 90% of the songs are absolutely great. modding scene is pretty good too, most of them provide a much needed spike of difficulty (that i think week 7 will somewhat let us have, considering how fast "ugh" is), but some of them are quite a little bit bullshit, like mid-fight masses and its double note spam and b-sides' very unforgiving patterns. most mods are extremely enjoyable though.
Ello, this game has gone pretty popular late 2020, i had intrerests in this game and ive finally downloaded it a couple days ago, its a pretty great rhythm game, theres a bunch of mods with the community of this game, theese mods on Friday Night Funkin' are pretty neat! what do you guys think about Friday Night Funkin', and the mods, eh?
Ye, it's cool


do i have to say something? i beat cheating,unfairness do i look like im bad at the game? also i have no one to play srb2 sadly :( edit: also im gonna say the fishy fish i forgor 💀 but its pretty hard bc of the speed and the engine is old so i miss every time when i play on kade engine 1.2 meme: i forgor 💀 i rember pog


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Hello chat.

FNF in SRB2 Real.

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