[Graphics] FreeDoom texture pack for SRB2

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As an illustration of how the new texture setup works (and because I never did put these into 2.1 like I meant to), here is a WAD containing all of the textures for the Doom IWAD FreeDoom. The textures contained therein are particularly useful for anyone who is interested in making some techbases, cities or Hell-themed stages.

As fair warning, this texture pack hasn't been censored, so violent imagery is still included. (I wanted to trim the gore out if this was to go into 2.1 proper, buuuuut since that didn't happen, might as well just let you use the gore if you REALLY have to.)

Disclaimer: I have full permission of the FreeDoom team to use their textures - although due to their licensing, it wasn't really necessary to fetch it. FreeDoom license files are included alongside the WAD.


  • FreeDoom SRB2 Texture Pack.zip
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Well you've got permission to release this and more options for map makers certainly doesn't hurt. So this should do quite nicely in releases.
Thanks for Porting these textures,can't wait to use them for my Future levels


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