Febuary 2000 Prototype Discussion (previously "First version of GFZ FOUND")

Completely unnecessary to call people stupid, especially over such small stuff. Don't do it again.
No, he's converting the map. Stupid. And no, this can't boot up on XMAS 0.96 Probably.
No, he's converting the map. Stupid. And no, this can't boot up on XMAS 0.96 Probably.
He's not though? Also notice that "probably". I can say that the likelihood of it running on 0.96 is quite high.
Also, if he was converting the map we'd have it by now. Like fucking hell, bro. I've worked with mapping and just converting a map wouldn't be as long a process as this. The reason why this has taken so long is because he's got a life and is literally fixing the build. Do your research before you call someone "stupid". I'll provide screenshots if you're persistent.
o ma god :0
Yes, it's true. SSNTails found the original version of GFZ, back when the two halves of GFZ1 as we know it were seperate acts.
They're dated March 2000, and no, that doesn't make them the SAGE 2000 version. We still have no idea where it is.

We also have an extremely early version of THZ1.

Everyone will have to wait for the build to be released. SSN is working on compiling the sourcecode of this build for modern machines.
Put this in your Xmas Dos folder and try booting it up.
Be sure of first putting cwsdpmi -x in the console before starting the Dos game.
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hey jammin
i did something similar to srb2 legacy, but it has a forum ready.
go check it out
oh and also its getting its own website
whats that?
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any news??? its it released yet?

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