Febuary 2000 Prototype Discussion (previously "First version of GFZ FOUND")

The most impressive thing about finding stuff this old (specially on gaming) is considering how i'm already an adult and yet this stuff is still years older than me LOL that's already saying a lot

GreenFlower Zone from SRB2 Christmas v0.93 has a very large (but mostly empty) area that was still kept over one of the iterations of this GFZ1 shown on this prototype's video... I feel that most of GFZ1's final design was already pre-structured since back then, and it's amazing how the original ideas for the level are still carrying out on the most recent SRB2 versions
Part 2 is out:
Part 3 is here, featuring the oldest 3D version of Deep Sea Zone ever seen... and also Mine Maze, which appears to be mostly the same as what we've all seen before.

...and here's an appendix, showing off Deep Sea Act 2 as well as Act 3.

Here's Rocky Mountain and Red Volcano. Mostly the same as what's already out there, but Rocky Mountain has revealed some inaccuracies in The Past's recreation regarding which tree sprites are placed where, and you get to see a slightly more annoying version of RVZ2 featuring slower pillar movement.

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OK, here's the 5th part of the series. One more part and we'll get the build! (SSNTails confirmed that there would be 6 parts until the release of the build)
Yes, it's true. SSNTails found the original version of GFZ, back when the two halves of GFZ1 as we know it were seperate acts.
They're dated March 2000, and no, that doesn't make them the SAGE 2000 version. We still have no idea where it is.

We also have an extremely early version of THZ1.

Everyone will have to wait for the build to be released. SSN is working on compiling the sourcecode of this build for modern machines.
images are broken
Guys, if your saying/gonna say "I WANT THIS BUILD RIGHT NOW!!!", just wait patiently.
SSNTails is doing what he can to give us the build, you can't just rush someone.
It's Here

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