Extra Monitors! - MonitorsPlus.pk3 [Version 2.5.11]

Version 2.3 Changelog


*Added the Hyper Sneakers Monitor
*Added 2 new commands (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added tunes for Pizza and Fitness Monitors


*Improvements to certain particles
*Reduced the Fitness and Blooper timers
*Improvements to the Blooper Monitor (particles and added MFE_UNDERWATER)
*Improvements to the Fire Rate Monitor (particles)

Bug Fixes

*Fixed the Spikeball Monitor
*Fixed: LUA_HYPE:1082: attempt to index field 'mo' (a nil value)
*Fixed: LUA_SUPR:45: attempt to index field 'mo' (a nil value)

We know we said we was going to add a menu to v2.3 but that has unfortunately been pushed back for v3.0.
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Why did you fix the spikeball!? that was cool when the player pooped a spikeball even now and then
"Fixed" isn't really the best terminology, it's timer was just reduced back to it's original time of 10 seconds instead of the previous 30 seconds, because having it last longer than that just made it a hindrance overall, rather than a quick useful power up.
Version 2.4 Changelog


*Added the all new Grab Bag system! (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added the givempshield command (go to the Commands section for more)
*Added 3 rare death sounds, can you find them all?


*Improvements to the Hyper Sneakers

Bug Fixes

*Fixed the Blue fire for the Turbo Monitor

Don't worry, we all know how much you all love these constant patches :wink:
Attachment is invalid for me. Did you upload the mod correctly?

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Forget what I just said. Attachment is working now. Needed time to wait. Great work on the mod as well.
Version 2.4.1 Changelog


*Removed the Cost system from the Grab Bag

Bug Fixes

*Removed the Cost system from the Grab Bag due to instant death after getting hit when using the Grab Bag

Apologies for the constant updates but we had to fix this game breaking bug.
Version 2.5 Changelog


*Added the Juggernaut Drive Monitor
*Added the cost system back to the Grab Bag (Credit to Steel Titanium for finding and fixing the bug)


*Improvements to the Hyper Sneakers Monitor
*Removed all the Map changing monitors and the Megidolaon Monitor from the Grab Bag

Bug Fixes

*Fixed the cost system for the Grab Bag (Credit to Steel Titanium for finding and fixing the bug)

Note: There is a known bug with the Thunder Shield where you if you go in the water with it you take damage.
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Aw man :(
The map changing monitors were one of my favourites (especially the horizontal+vertical increase monitors, imo they should be separate wads)

The only reason we took them out of the Grab Bag is because it made them way more common and it's a known bug that those monitors causes synch issues if your hosting with it. So taking them out is our way of making them less common and thus making the synch issues less common too.
Version 2.5.1 Changelog


As of v2.5.1 the Shields and Monitors have been separated as a temporary feature, they will be combined again in v3.0. The Monitor List and Command List has been changed in the individual wad files. The commands for MonitorsPlus.wad remains the same so if you want to find out what has changed then do the commandlist or monitorlist. As for the commands in ShieldsPlus.wad they will be listed below.

*1 - shieldlist - Gives the list of shields
*2 - spawnplusshield - Allows the player to spawn a shield monitor
*3 - giveplusshield - Replacement for the givempshield command
*4 - giveplusshieldlist - Replacement for the givempshieldlist command


*Seperated the Shields into a seperate .wad file for players who only want to play with shields (See the Commands section for more)

Note: ShieldsPlus.wad and MonitorsPlus.wad are fully compatible so adding them both together would be as if they where never seperated.

Another Note: ShieldsPlus.wad and MonitorsPlus.wad will be combined again in v3.0 as the menu will feature an option to turn off individual monitors.
Version 2.5.2 Changelog

*Recombined the wads to make way for the all new togglemonitor command! (go to the Commands Section for more)
This is an Important Note: if you modify the monitors with togglemonitor in netgames, it will cause major synch. We are working on a fix for this bug.

If you cannot deal with the synch bug in v2.5.1 then download and use v2.5. You can download v2.5 from the Archived Versions section.

Version 2.5
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Version 2.5.3 Changelog

*Fixed synch issues when using the togglemonitor command
*Fixed some other synch issues throughout the wad
Version 2.5.4 Changelog

*Added support for BATKANESE.wad in the toggle monitor command and the grab bag
Hopefully this should be the last update until v3.0
This the greatest wad I have ever encountered in SRB2 before. This wad makes every thing crazy fun. Well done. Yes there are a few little problems such as items not returning to proper spots after monitor changes vertical height but overall that wad is awesome!

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