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Tripel the fox

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This wad adds three new monitors from Mania Plus's Encore Mode:

Swap monitors, which will swap your current character for the leftmost character in reserve.
Random monitors, which will randomize the order of characters.
And character monitors, which will give the player the character currently on the monitor when it is broken. Once the player has all characters, these will switch between swap and random monitors.

These are randomly sprinkled throughout levels, most vanilla monitors have a 50% chance of becoming one of these. 1-up monitors will always be character monitors.

Like Encore Mode, you have two characters you can switch between at will, with the toss flag button. If you play as Sonic and Tails, then your second character will follow you around, though if you're playing as any character alone or in multiplayer, you'll only have one character active at a time.

Any characters should work with this wad, so long as they work with any other characters added properly.

This also uses SeedRng by FSX.


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AKA FuriousFox

But seriously, great job. It's a lot more polished than mine, especially since it has the swap and random monitors. The only thing it needs now is the ability to swap to your bot on death without going back to the starpost.

Larz T

I said this in a Discord Server but this pretty much sums up my thoughts on FuriousFox's script as well as your script.
I kinda want to get this out here but I love the idea of using characters for lives. It adds a lot more variety to gameplay. The only problem I see is that Rings are kind of irrelevant now but other than that I would love to see more Sonic games and SRB2 mods exclusively use Encore Mode gameplay.

One thing I want to suggest is maybe making an adjustable cap to how many characters Encore Mode will load up if someone ever wanted an extra challenge. For example if you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Dirk loaded into SRB2 and set Encore Mode to give you three characters instead of unlimited, it can pick from either Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, or Dirk when busting an extra live monitor. Once you reach the adjustable cap, you will not be able to receive anymore characters unless if someone bites the dust.

Other than that, I was looking forward to someone making an Encore script. Thank you FuriousFox and Tripel the fox!


Leave me alone!
A M A Z I N G!!! I am a huge fan of Sonic Mania (especially Plus DLC part). This is satisfying. I thing creators of SRB2 must think about adding this to 2.2. Because it is really good matches with SRB2(this is what I think). thing about it. You opened the game. You entered the secrets and selected "Encore Mode". Levels are harder and difrent. Spacial stages 2.0 style but diffrent and ofcourse much harder... And maybe there will be some emblems for "Encore Mode". Like finish with all characters or finish with all emeralds...


Backseat Developer
The player's flags are improperly transfered over when swapping characters, could you please fix this?


Oh, THAT Youtuber...
I've encountered a problem regarding Super forms:

If you go super whilst having 2 characters active who can go super, the game oddly kills you off, which makes you lose the character you switched to. I don't think this is intentional on your part.

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I found a bug where if you switch characters as a Super character, you exit your Super state and can't transform again - seeing as the Encore wad doesn't have this issue, I'd say that this is missing a bugfix
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