[Open Assets] Emerald Hunt Advanced (Lua) [Version 1.4] (V2.2 Compatible!)

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Have you ever looked at an Emerald Hunt map and wondered, "Why are the Emeralds I find in these maps always the Green Emerald? Why can't I find other Emeralds?"


Well, through some hard work, sweat and tears, I have managed to answer the question. Yes, you CAN have all the Emeralds in an Emerald Hunt map. And I do mean ALL of them.

Emerald Hunt Advanced


  • All of the Emeralds will spawn as different Emeralds each time, so no more seeing the same damn Green Emerald all the time!
  • Customizable number of Emeralds to find, from just one, all the way up to all seven!
  • A nifty HUD indicator to show how many Emeralds you have collected, and how many you need to get in total!
  • *NEW to Version 1.1* - The Emerald Radar is now usable! You can now see just how close you are to them. Oh, and did I mention that you can adjust the maximum range of the Radar, and even turn it off for a certain level, using LUA.radarrange to set the number of map units the radar has as its range, and LUA.radaroff = true for when you want them to go blind?
    srb20048.png srb20018.gif
  • *NEW to Version 1.3* - The Radar now has sounds! Not only that, but you can decide to just have the sound and no radar by just turning the radar off, or to turn the sound off by using LUA.soundoff = true - or no radar and no sounds if you're feeling mean!
  • DrEAMS.
    Note: The DrEAMS version is currently limited to a pack still in progress, and replaces the Emeralds with Ideyas. NiGHTS and Reala optional.

The Zip file comes with both the Emerald Hunt Advanced Lua (and required sprites) and a test map (based on a boss map I've been working on) to show how Emerald Hunt Advanced works. {Maps designed for Emerald Hunt Advanced will have E added to the start of their filenames}


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  • EHA_V1_4.zip
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Version 1.1 Changelog:

*Added the Emerald Radar, which has a variable range, and can be turned off for a map using LUA.radaroff = true

Version 1.1.1/1.1.2 Changelog:

*Some HUD adjustments to make the HUD look proper.
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Version 1.2.0 Changelog:

*Some tweaks to make it work better in MP, and removal of some unneeded code.
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Version 1.3.0 Changelog:

*Added radar sounds, which can be turned off using LUA.soundoff = true - thanks to Steel Titanium for helping with the code.

Version 1.3.1 Changelog:

*Attempts to fix the bugs with the HUD breaking

Version 1.3.2 Changelog:

*Undoes Version 1.3.1 'fixes' which didn't fix anything, but adds new fixes which work and now enables EHA to work on servers.
EHA 1.3.2 does NOT work with SRB2 2.2 - an update will be needed in order for it to work in 2.2
EHA has now been ported to work with SRB2 V2.2 - the original EHA 1.3.2 will be kept for legacy reasons. Until submissions for V2.2 content is opened, the port will be accessible here. Once V2.2 content can be submitted, a new topic will be made for EHA V1.4 unless otherwise stated.

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