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Dreamcast Sonic (DC-Sonic) Progress


Maelstrom Of The Wind
Hmhmhmhm~! 😈
Oh, don't mind me~

Just imagining the ways I'll bait and taunt my opponents in Multiplayer games when this intriguing mod is complete, all with a grin on my face.
All in all, I'm getting the feeling that this mod is gonna be so satisfying to wait for! 😁✌️
Cant seriously wait for this character, just by seeing the sprites i know its gonna be a character in the levels of modern sonic and sms on quality, truly a character to add to my sonic collection
It's been quite a while since the original SEGA Dreamcast Sonic post which then turned into "True Adventure Sonic"
Development has been very VERY low, in fact I haven't been doing anything related to SRB2 modding for months... So, here are the new set of standing frames and some new artwork! Currently working on a lot more as of the date of this thread. (NOT CSS ARTWORK).
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This looks way past cool! Cant wait to play as him! Also I like that you put the crystal ring there so there so sa1 and sa2 can get that love.

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